5 mi

Elevation gain

102 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

102 ft

Max elevation

156 ft



Min elevation

57 ft

Trail type





May 22, 2020


May 2020

Weather Forecast

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156 ft
57 ft
5.0 mi

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near Eye, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Pennings Nature Reserve in Ludgate Causeway.
Head from the car park to the road and turn right, SE, along Ludgate Causeway.
Turn right, SW, on a footpath. The waymarks are on a telegraph pole.
Head SW with good views into the Dove valley and eleven small lakes.
Just before the B1077, admire the giant head carved into a large tree trunk.
Cross the road and continue SW on a wider farm track,
Turn right through a gate and head NW across the Dove valley. Head to the right of the clump of trees and continue through multiple gates and cross two bridges. At the final hedge, turn right, NE, soon north.
Ignore the gate (right) and continue south. The path bends left, SE and later right, SW.
At farm buildings and stables, the right of way heads SW through the middle of the complex.
An alternative, avoiding the hazards, circumnavigates round the farm.
Turn left, SE, and follow the perimeter of the complex, soon rejoining the official path.
Head south on the concrete access road.
At tarmac, turn right and head SW along this quiet lane.
A footpath crosses the tarmac. Turn right, NW, hedge left and drop down to the river Dove.
Cross the footbridge and head north to a gate into a pasture.
Head NW across the field to another gate. Continue NW towards multiple barns and farm buildings.
Head west through the middle of the farm.
After the final farm gate, turn right, NE, onto the signed bridleway / Mid Suffolk Path.
Follow this path through woodland with glimpses of orchards, left.
Look for a gate, right. The main path ahead is inviting but wrong!
Turn right through the gate and cross the field diagonally, roughly north.
Turn right through another gate, east, and bare left, north, hedge left.
Continue north through several gates and hedge gaps.
Kink right and left through a gate and continue roughly north, hedge left.
Rejoin the short walk at a finger post. Head NE, hedge left.
Kink left and right through a gate and head north on a road.
The road bends NE. Before the woodland, turn left, off the road and head NW.
Enter the woods over a sleeper bridge and head north.
The path divides and soon rejoins. Take the dryer looking route.
Turn right, east, over a small concrete footbridge.
Head north across the playing fields.
Aim for the access road to the right of the community centre. At the B1117, turn right, east.
Here there is an option to head into the town centre for pubs and shops.
Turn right onto the B1077 and first left onto the B1117. The Pennings is signposted.
Divert left into Castle Hill and visit the castle.
It's worth climbing the mound for the excellent views of the church and town.
Return to the B1117 and head east.
Divert through the grounds of the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
Leave through the east gate. Continue east along the B1117.
Cross the river Dove. Turn right, south, into Ludgate Causeway and return to the car park.

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Car park

TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye

  • Photo of TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye
TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye
Car park

TM 14396 73851, Eye


Queens Head, Eye


Eye Castle

  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
Eye Castle


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