6.18 mi

Elevation gain

85 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

85 ft

Max elevation

169 ft



Min elevation

71 ft

Trail type





May 20, 2020


May 2020

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169 ft
71 ft
6.18 mi

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near Eye, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the Pennings nature reserve car park.
Head north along the Ludgate Causeway to the B1117. Turn right, east, along the B1117 for 70 metres.
Turn left, NE, towards Abbey Hall
Follow the tarmac and later concrete through two gates to the end of the road.
The road bends left, west, crosses the River Dove and ends.
Turn right, north along the signed path, hedge left, power lines right.
Cross under the power lines and soon turn left, NW.
Cross under two sets of power lines. Ignore the field entrance, tight.
Soon after the field entrance, turn right, NW, and follow the perimeter, hedge right, under power lines.
Cross a footbridge. At tarmac, turn right, NE, and follow the road to a gate and Lodge.
At the lodge, turn left, roughly north, along an attractive avenue.
This track bends right, east, and passes interesting historic buildings.
Head east on the concrete access road and at Pecks Farmhouse turn left, north.
At The Street, turn left, west, along the tarmac lane.
Head west through Brome and Oakley passing the village hall.
After the village, there is a useful field perimeter path avoiding the road for a while.
Turn right up Buck Lane and immediately left along the field perimeter, NW and soon SW.
Rejoin the tarmac and head SW on tarmac to the Saint Mary's church, Brome.
Continue west, then at the pole-top transformer, sharp left, SE, almost doubling back.
Head SE along the tarmac passing farm buildings.
The road bends right, SW, and passes a house, left.
Just after the house, turn left, SE, and continue along the concrete to more barns, left.
Head SE passing a farm parking bay and turning area.
Continue SE, hedge left along the field perimeter. At the farm track, turn right, west, turbines ahead.
After a patch of woodland, turn left, south, woodland left.
Head south between open fields, no hedges. At tarmac, turn right, SW, along the road.
Before the main road, turn left, SE, along the signed footpath, village hall left.
A short leg was overgrown with nettles but the field perimeter to the left could be used instead.
Continue SE to a hedge gap. Turn right, south, through the gap.
Turn right, SW, along another wide farm track.
Before the houses, turn left, south, houses right.
Follow the field perimeter. Then kink right and left and head south on the tarmac footpath.
Continue south into Eye, crossing a residential street. Enter Ash Drive and drop down to the river.
Cross over and turn left into Wellington Road, heading SE.
Turn right into Dove Lane. Kink right and left. Cross over Church Street and enter Buckshorn Lane.
Turn left, east, into the car park and follow the signs to Eye Castle.
Climb the steps, go SE under the arch and left, east, along Castle Hill.
Turn left into the castle grounds. It's worth climbing the mound to see the ruins and excellent views.
Continue south along Castle Hill, then left along Castle Street, B1117.
Turn left into the church grounds and visit the church of St. Peter and St. Paul.
Head back to the B1117 using the east gate. Head east.
Cross the River Dove and turn right into Ludgate Causeway to return to the car Pennings park.

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Car park

TM 15336 76657, Brome and Oakley Village Hall

  • Photo of TM 15336 76657, Brome and Oakley Village Hall
  • Photo of TM 15336 76657, Brome and Oakley Village Hall
TM 15336 76657, Brome and Oakley Village Hall

Queens Head, Eye

Car park

TM 14396 73851, Eye


Eye Castle

  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
  • Photo of Eye Castle
Eye Castle
Car park

TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye

  • Photo of TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye
  • Photo of TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye
TM 15127 73752, The Pennings, Eye


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