4.28 mi

Elevation gain

105 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

105 ft

Max elevation

150 ft



Min elevation

51 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood
  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood
  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood
  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood
  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood
  • Photo of 2020-05-14 Hoxne and Brakey Wood




May 14, 2020


May 2020

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150 ft
51 ft
4.28 mi

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near Hoxne, England (United Kingdom)

From Hoxne village hall head north and cross the Goldbrook Bridge.
Turn right, NE, along Low Street.
Cross the Goldbrook again.
Pass the Swan PH.
Pass the village store and tearooms.
Turn right, NE, along Church Hill.
Cross the main road and enter Saint Peter and Saint Paul's cemetery.
Head for the church and visit if its open.
Walk east beside the church and soon south passing many graves.
Leave the cemetery using the SE gate.
Head east along Green Street (B1118)
Ignore Church Close. Turn left, NE, into Water Mill Lane.
At a concrete parking and turning area, bare right and head NE along Water Mill Lane.
Near the water mill, turn right, SE, uphill for a few yards. Do not enter the field ahead.
Before the field, turn left, east, and pass an out buliding to your right.
Continue east towards Waveney Farm.
The footpath bends right, SE. The path left to the river is missing and overgrown.
At tarmac, turn right, SE along the Capons Lane.
At the Syleham Road turn right and head west past some barns.
At the B1118, Green Street, turn left, SE for a few yards.
Turn right, SW, into Wittons Lane. Head downhill and cross the stream.
A few yard later you reach the concrete parking area for Brakey Wood.
The leg through the Wood is about 0.7 miles and can be omitted.
Turn right, west, into Brakey Wood. Keep right and follow the footpath west.
At the end of the woodland, go through the gate to the sewage works.
Double back, east, along a straight concrete track.
Near the first bend, turn left off the concrete and head east along the footpath re-entering the wood.
Head past the Brakey Man where there are some seats.
This is just after the half way point in the walk.
Back at the road, turn right, SW, along the tarmac.
At the access road leading to the sewage works, cross the open field, SW.
Head for the old house with a rickety barn to the right.
At the far side, bare left, south and cross a field access track.
Continue roughly south, woodland right. The path bends right, west.
Emerge into Cross Street village and head west into Red Lion Close.
Continue west on the footpath between the houses.
At the field, turn left, south and soon right west. Follow the field perimeter.
The path kinks right and left. Continue west.
Drop down to the Goldbrook and turn right, north, stream left.
Turn left, west, and cross the stream using the footbridge.
Head west through woodland and then west across a field.
At Eye Road, turn right and head north.
Follow this north and later NE back to Hoxne.
Turn right into the Goldbrook road.
Note the signs on the bridge. King Edmund was taken prisoner in the year 870.
Cross the bridge and return to the village hall.
Hoxne refreshments include the Swan pub and the village store tearooms.

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Swan, Hoxne

Car park

TM 17979 76942, Hoxne

Car park

TM 19040 76977, Brakey Wood


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