9.82 mi

Elevation gain

164 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

164 ft

Max elevation

185 ft



Min elevation

52 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston
  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston
  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston
  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston
  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston
  • Photo of 2019-09-08 Harleston and Starston




November 11, 2021


November 2021

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185 ft
52 ft
9.82 mi

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near Harleston, England (United Kingdom)

0.00 <<<< Miles.
0.00 West. Leave the car park by the fence gap, fire station left
0.10 Right, North, Weaver's Croft. Follow as it bears left, west
0.27 Cross The Street and head West onto the cycle track
0.56 Leave the cycle track. Right, North, Hedge left. 0.71 NW to next field. 0.72 North, hedge left
0.81 Left, West
0.82 Right, North
0.92 Bear left, NW to tarmac
0.94 Right, Cross Starston Glebe Meadow NE. Cross footbridge over stream
0.99 Right, NW, Tarmac
1.18 Left, West, Track
1.25 Right, North, Cross field. 1.34 Ahead, North, Hedge right
1.47 Squeeze through locked gate. NW, hedge left. Bear right, hedge left. 1.67 Ahead. Cross field to NW corner
1.75 Left, West, Leave field
1.79 Right, North, 1.82. Ahead, North, Hedge right. 2.00 Ahead, North, Cross Field. 2.10 Ahead, North, Hedge left
2.15 Kink right and left. Head north hedge left. 2.26 Ahead, North, Cross the track. Trees left
2.34 Right, Hedge left
2.37 Left, North, Hedge right. 2.42 Ahead, North, Fence right, 2.58 Ahead, North, Hedge left
2.71 Right, East, Hedge left
2.75 Left and right onto Wood Lane, East, Tarmac
3.12 Left, North, Pass house left. Then hedge right
3.55 Cross Tarmac with a right Left kink. Head north, hedge left
3.72 Ahead, North, 3.95 Ahead, North, Hedge left, 4.10 Ahead, North, Cross field, 4.40 Ahead, North, Track
4.58 Right, East, Hedge left
4.81 Ahead, NE, Hedge both sides, 4.86 Ahead, NE, Hedge right, soon east, later SE
5.60 Right, South, Track
5.88 Ahead, South, Tarmac, Burntoak Lane
6.24 Right, Mill Road, SW then south
7.17 Right, Bearing 234. Cross field 200 metres
7.30 Left, Bearing 158. Cross field 200 metres. Aim for ponds and trees
7.43 Right, SW, Hedge left
7.72 Left, South, Tarmac, Church Lane
7.99 Bear left, SE, Tarmac
8.23 Right, SW, Cross the field. Aim for the chimneys
8.49 Left, South
8.62 Right, Tarmac, West
8.73 Left, Footpath, South
8.94 Right, West, Tarmac, Hallwong Lane. Don't enter the cycle track
9.20 Left, SW, Tarmac
9.40 Right, South, Tarmac, Station Hill
9.68 50 metres before the main road go right, SW
9.71 Right, West, Converted barns left
9.78 Left, South, Alley to Co-op car park

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Car park

TM 24450 83474, Harleston


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