Moving time  4 hours 33 minutes

Time  5 hours 25 minutes

Coordinates 3021

Uploaded July 31, 2018

Recorded July 2018

4,341 f
1,516 f
10.62 mi

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near Viechtwang, Upper Austria (Austria)

Beautiful and somewhat challenging hike south-east of Scharnstein, starting from and ending at the entrance of camping Schatzlmühle in Viechtwang. The ascents and descents can be quite steep, but can be circumvented in many cases, at the cost of some extra distance. Beautiful views, different types of trails, small streams, this hike has it all. The only downside is the first kilometre or so, which partly follows the main road (120), where the card drive quite fast. If you start from the Scharnstein railway station, you should be able to avoid this problem. I can most certainly recommend this beautiful hike, but you need to be in relatively good physical shape in order to complete it (83p, 16,51km, 885m(+), 895m(-) & 11,4%/34%(+) according to IBP). It is not dangerous or "technical" in any place, by the way.

* = regular hike; ** = nice hike; *** = beautiful hike;
**** = very beautiful hike; ***** = exceptionally beautiful hike (unique)

0-25 IBP = very easy hike; 26-50 IBP = easy hike;
51-75 IBP = moderately difficult hike; 76-100 IBP = difficult hike;
>100 IBP = very difficult hike (all for someone in average/good shape)

Source of the photos: M. Buter


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