8.93 mi

Elevation gain

167 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

161 ft

Max elevation

137 ft



Min elevation

-11 ft

Trail type

One Way




January 27, 2020


January 2020

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137 ft
-11 ft
8.93 mi

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near Loddon, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this linear walk. Use public transport to get to Loddon. The walk starts from the Swan in Loddon.

From the Swan, head south along the High Street. Turn right, west, into Kitten's Lane.
Turn left, SW, along the road beside Hobart High School, right.
Follow this road as it changes into a foot and cycle path. Follow Affric Close, SW.
Head SW across grass to the A146.
Cross this busy road and continue SW on the footpath opposite, woodland left.
The path bends left, south and later SE, then east into Stubbs Green Lane.
Turn right, SW, farm left. Go through the gate and cross the common, diagonally SW.
Continue SW along Pound Lane.
At a left bend, bear right off the lane and head SW across two open fields, barns left.
After the fields, bear right, west, hedge left.
Follow the track left, SW and soon west again.
At Ingloss Lane, turn left, south on tarmac and aim for the water tower.
Turn right, west, water tower right. Head through trees then along a field perimeter, hedge left.
The path bends left and right again and continues west, hedge left for another 100 metres.
Bear left onto a woodland path, west. The path bends left, SW. Head to St. Mary's Church, Thwaite.
After the church, turn left, south along Bungay Road.
This is quite a long tarmac leg but there is minimal traffic if you miss the rush hour and school run.
Ignore the Rectory and Belsey Bridge Roads and continue south for another 450 metres.
At a farm entrance and signed paths, turn right, roughly west, trees right.
There is quite a good view of the convent roof line.
Continue SW. The path kinks right and left, hedge right.
Cross a short stretch of open field, then bear right into Baker's Lane for about 70 metres.
Turn left, south, into Draper's Lane. At the Norwich Road, B1332, turn right, NW for 380 metres.
There is a narrow footpath for pedestrians so this leg is not too dangerous.
Cross the B1332 and turn left, SW, into Free Lane. The lane soon bends right, west and later, left, south.
At the last house, turn left, east, along the ridge path with fine views over the Waveney and Common.
This is part of the well known Bath Hills route. Follow this path as it bends briefly south, then SE.
The path drops down to a gate. Head SE across an open pasture to the gate opposite.
Cross the lane which is not a right of way. Head through the second gate into woodland.
Turn right, SW and cross the Waveney over two footbridges.
The map shows a track NW up to the tip of the island. Wild swimmers use this spot.
Head SW and later south across Outney common. The grazing cattle usually ignore the many walkers.
Cross a third footbridge. After a gate, bear left round the camp site and emerge at the A143 roundabout.

Head SE into Bungay where there are many pubs, cafes, shops and other amenities.

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Bus stop

Loddon Market Place


Swan, Loddon


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