7.76 mi

Elevation gain

108 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

108 ft

Max elevation

85 ft



Min elevation

-12 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre
  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre
  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre
  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre
  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre
  • Photo of 2018-08-01 Wheatacre




January 31, 2020


January 2020

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85 ft
-12 ft
7.76 mi

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near Aldeby, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk.
The shorter walk starts from the White lion, Wheatacre. The longer one starts from the church at Aldeby.

LONG WALK: Park by the church in St Mary's Road, Aldeby. Head east through the churchyard towards the silos.
Head east through the farmyard, silos right, then past animal sheds. The dip could be very wet with run-off from the animals. There might be a drier route through the farmyard.
Turn right, south, trees right. Go through the accordion gate and turn left, east.
Cross a lane and continue east under power lines. Continue east, hedge right.
Over the crest, ignore the footpath, left (sometimes overgrown). Head for the tall poplars, east.
Merge with Lily Lane (tarmac) and continue east. Cross Dun Cow Road and head NE along Common Road.
At the main road, turn right, east, and first left, NW. Head for the White Lion, Wheatacre.

BOTH WALKS: Park at the pub or on the roadside verge.
Head NW along White Lion Road. Bear left, west, towards Haddiscoe along Church Road.
Continue past All Saints Church (well worth looking inside).
Church road bends right, NW. Ignore the left turn along The Walks.
Church road bends right, north. Ignore the left turn along Burrows Green.
At the T-junction, turn left along Station Road, NW.
After farm buildings, turn right, NE, along a wide farm track.
After a large house, bear right, east through a metal gate along the main farm track.
Head through the farmyard and bear right, SE, still on the wide farm track.
Continue SE, then east, across cattle grids. Drop down a slope and turn right, south, off the main farm track.
Head into woodland with the flood meadows on the left. The path bends right, SW, and emerges at a standing stone.
Turn left, east, along Burgh Road.
After one field, kink right and left and follow the field perimeter, hedge left, parallel with the road.
At the end of the field, turn right, SW, hedge left.
Follow the path round the perimeter of a garden. Continue south.
At the tarmac (Church Lane), turn left and head east.
At the T-junction, turn right, south, along Pit Road.

SHORT WALK: Turn right, west, along Crimp Cramp Lane. The path bends left, south and right, west again.
At White Lion Road, turn left, SE, and return to the pub.

LONG WALK: Continue south along Pit Road. Cross Beccles Road and continue south along Mill Road.
Turn right, SW, along Taylor's Road. At the T-junction, bear left, SW, crossing under power lines.
Ignore the right turn opposite the land-fill site. Continue SW along Common Road.
At the T-junction, turn right, west, along St Mary's Road.
Ignore the right turn along Lily Road. Continue NW.
Ignore the track, left, to Priory Cottage unless you want to extend your route to include the Aldeby river route.
Continue NW back to St Mary's Church.

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Car park

White Lion, Wheatacre

White Lion, Wheatacre - by agreement with the pub.
Car park

TM 450 933, Aldby

Car park

TM 449 936, Aldby


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