5.18 mi

Elevation gain

92 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

92 ft

Max elevation

122 ft



Min elevation

22 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2018-07-25 Ringsfield




January 31, 2020


January 2020

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122 ft
22 ft
5.18 mi

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near Weston, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk.

Park in the meadow opposite Ringsfield Church (by arrangement) or nearby on the roadside.

From the church, head NW to the first junction.
Turn left, SW, along the tarmac lane. This soon turns to a gravel farm track and gradually bends more west.
Just under a mile, turn right, north, along Hall Road.
After 460 metres, when the tarmac bends right, turn off onto the footpath and head roughly SW, hedge right.
Continue SW over an open field. Then hedge right gain.
When the perimeter hedge bends 45 degrees right, west, turn right and head NW through the hedge gap.
Cross the field and head towards the farm buildings, NW and north.
At the large barn, bear left, west, out onto Clarke's Lane. Turn right, north for only 10 metres.
Turn right, off Clarke's Lane and head NE along a farm track.
When this track bends right, east, turn off, left, west, hedge right, for only 30 metres.
Turn right, a little east of north, hedge right.
Before a small clump of trees, kink right and left and continue as before now hedge left.
Follow this path to Clarke's Lane. Turn right, east, along Clarke's Lane for 730 metres. The road bends left, NE.
Look for footpaths on both sides of the road. There is a transformer up a power pole close to these junctions.
Turn right, SE, through the gap and continue hedge right.
The right of way kinks right and left into a sunken path, often very wet.
This is often choked with nettles and branches so consider the field perimeter path instead.
The path drops down to a watercourse. Turn right, south, and after a few paces cross the footbridge, SE.
Turn right and follow the field perimeter, SW, hedge right.
The perimeter path bends left, SE. Look for a gap, right, and head through, roughly south for only 15 metres.
Turn left, SE, and head past the houses to the right.
Emerge onto Hall Road and turn right, roughly SE, passing barns.
When Hall Road bends right, SW, turn left, through a kissing gate into a paddock. Head NE, hedge right.
At the end of the field, kink right and left, over a stile, into the next field.
Continue NE, hedge right. Use the leafy path to the right of the stables.
Turn right, SE, onto the metalled road.
After 80 metres, turn left, NE, and head past the houses (left) of Barsham City.
At Church Road, turn left, north, for 140 metres.
Turn right, NE, along a woodland path, coming out onto Lodge Farm Lane.
Turn right, roughly south.
At the large barn, turn left, SE, and drop down to Cut-throat Lane. In the dip, turn right, south.
Follow this wide farm track south and later SW back to Church Road.
Turn left, south, along Church Road.
Bear left, SE, just before the church.

Return to your parking place.

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Car park

TM 40336 88491, Ringsfield Church


Horseshoes, Weston


Swan, Gillingham


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