10.24 mi

Elevation gain

131 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

131 ft

Max elevation

175 ft



Min elevation

35 ft

Trail type





November 11, 2021


November 2021

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175 ft
35 ft
10.24 mi

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near Harleston, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the east end of Paddock Road or the SW corner of the East of England Co-Op. This walk has more tarmac than some but the lanes carry little traffic. Head east out of the co-op car park. Turn right, SW, along The Thoroughfare. Turn left, SE into Union Street. Turn left, NE, along Broad Street. Turn right, east, after the elegant bus shelter into Straight Lane (alley). Continue east along Jay's Green. At the end of the houses by the gate and dog poo bin, turn left, north. Pass the houses, left, and continue north, fence right. Crest the rise and admire the views. Drop down, north, to Redenhall Road. Turn right, east, and follow the roadside footpath soon NE. Turn left, north, towards Hallwong Lane. Turn left, west, and cross the bridge with brick parapets. Take the first field perimeter path right, north, trees right, uphill. At the tarmac, turn right, east, trees right. After 180 metres, turn left, north, towards the house. (Use the field perimeter, not the drive to the house). Skirt the house perimeter, hedge left. 40 metres after the house, turn right, NE, across an open field, no hedges towards Barns. At the junction with Church Lane, turn left, NW, towards Hardwick. Stay on this tree-lined road for 1.6 miles meandering NW, NE and north.

At the T-junction, turn left, west, into Clintergate Lane towards Starsted and Hardwick. At the T-junction, turn right, north, towards Hardwick for 130 metres. At the T-junction, turn left, west, towards Pulham St. Mary. This is Lonely Road. Head west for 640 metres. Just before the first house, turn left, roughly south and skirt the garden perimeter, hedge right. At the end of the garden, kink right and left and head SW, hedge right. Cross a sleeper bridge through the hedge and head SW, hedge left. At the end of the field, turn right, west for 60 metres. Turn left through the gap and left to double back, hedge now left. After 60 metres, go through the gap and turn right. Continue south, hedge right. At the field boundary, head south towards another tree-lined boundary, 30 metres south. Bear left, SE, round the field perimeter, trees right. Cross a sleeper bridge through a gap (rotten sleeper) and continue uphill, SE, hedge and trees left. At the corner, turn right, a little west of south, trees left. At the next corner, turn left, a little south of east east, hedge and ditch left. Bend left, NE, along the field perimeter, hedge and ditch left.

Soon kink left and right into Mull's Loke (track), NE, hedges both sides. Cross Hardwick Road and head east along Wood Lane for 380 metres. After a gate with "Owl Time" crafted into it, turn right, south, and double back, west, along the field perimeter. After 40 metres, turn left, roughly south, hedge right. Level with Starston Wood, kink left and right and head south, hedge and power lines right. Skirt Starston Hall and head south, hedge right. Cross a track and continue south, hedge right. Cross an open field, south, no hedges. Aim for the finger post and hedge gap. Cross a sleeper bridge through the gap. Head south, hedge left, farm buildings ahead. Cross the stile and continue south, hedge both sides. The path bends left, west. Bear right, SE, over a wobbly stile and cross the field diagonally. Cross a stile, a track and a gate and head SE, hedge right. The perimeter bends left, for 60 metres. Through a wide gate, turn right, south, hedge left. Cross a wooden footbridge. Go through an accordion gate. Head south over an open meadow, no hedges towards a gate, Cross the stile onto the farm lane. Turn left, east, along Low Road, downhill for 100 metres. Turn right, SW and soon west towards Starston village. Ignore the footpath, opposite. Follow Low Road for 300 metres, stream left. Cross a footbridge, south, into a meadow with park benches and picnic tables (lunch break perhaps). Head west and come out on the road. Turn right and re-cross the stream, then left, west, along The Street, towards the Pulhams. When the footpath ends, cross the road and look for a wooded track parallel with the road on the left. This track bends south towards a barn. Turn right, west, stream left. At a house, head left, south, over a footbridge into a paddock. Aim for the horse shelter. Head to the south perimeter and then left, east past epic piles of horse poo. Leave the paddock by the stile. Head east, hedge right. At the first gap, kink right and left through two gaps. Turn right, south, uphill, hedge right. At the field corner turn left, east, hedge right. Kink right and left to continue east on the drive from the farm. At the tarmac road, turn right, south. Take the first left, east, along Bunn's Lane. At the outskirts of Harleston, kink left and right to enter Weaver's Croft. Head east. Soon the roads bends right, south. Turn left, east, into Paddock Road. Head through the gap back into the Co-Op car park..

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Car park

TM 24450 83474, Harleston


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