6.09 mi

Elevation gain

105 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

105 ft

Max elevation

122 ft



Min elevation

36 ft

Trail type





November 11, 2021


November 2021

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122 ft
36 ft
6.09 mi

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near Homersfield, England (United Kingdom)

Park at the playing fields at the north end of Tunbeck Close oposite the Wortwell Bell. Head SW past Wortwell Community Centre. Head through the children's play area. Head SW, diagonally across the grassy field towards the largest tree. Cross the stile and continue SW, hedge left. The path bends left. Head down to the tarmac road. At the tarmac, turn right, SW.

After the Old School, Wortwell, turn left SE, on a wide gravel track. There's a transformer up a power pole. When the wide track kinks right into a field, keep left and head SE, hedge right. At the end of the field, the path bends left, right, left and right again. Drop down to the tarmac and turn right, SW. There are good views over the Waveney flood plain, left. After substantial barns and silos, turn right up a steep bank. Follow the power lines uphill, NW and later north, field boundary left. Climb the hill and look behind for good views. Cross under two sets of power lines.

At the tarmac, turn sharp left, SW, barns right. Turn right off the tarmac, cross under power lines and head towards the church, hedge right. Go through the gate into the chrurchyard and head north towards a large yew tree just before the church. Turn left, SW, past grave stones comemorating Rose May Cotton and Violet Ruth Cotton. Enter a woodland path across a tiny sleeper bridge and head SW, ditch left, nice garden right. After the woodland, the trail path bends left, south and soon right, SW again, hedge both sides. Whoever maintains this path has done a good job! Cross a sleeper bridge and continue almost west.

Head west across an open field towards prominent silos and small wind turbines in the distance, no hedges. Before the A143, turn left, south, no hedges. Aim for the woodland left of a house. Pass the woodland, trees right. After the garden perimeter, bear right over the open field. Aim the the gap just right of a power pole with two diagonal guy lines. Turn right, west along the Green Lane cul-de-sac. Cross the A143 and continue west along Green Lane. At a metal gate and dog poo bin, turn right, north, houses left. At the end of the houses continue north, fence right, no hedges. Crest the hill and admire the views. Drop down to the old A143. Turn right, east, soon NE, along the roadside footpath.

Turn left into Hallwong Lane. Head north under power lines. Turn left, west, and cross the bridge with brick parapets. Take the first turning right, north, uphill with oak trees right. At the tarmac, turn right, east, along Gawdy Lane. At the end of Gawdy Lane, turn left, NW, towards Alburgh. Opposite the first house, turn right, NE, and follow the power lines uphill, no hedges. Continue NE, hedge left. Continue NE on a wider gravel track, oak trees right. The track drops down into woodland. Near the bottom, turn left, north, through a belt of tall poplar trees. At the field, turn right, east, and soon left, north, woodland right. Cross the sleeper bridge and go through the gap, north, hedge right. Bend round to the right, east. Bear right onto Sandy Lane and cross the ford. Use the footbridge if the water is flowing. Head uphill, roughly east.

Take the first right, south, on a wide gravel lane, hedge left. Go through the gate into woodland and use the footpath, south, parallel with and left of the main lane. Cross the footbridge over the stream, south. Bear right along the fenced path, SW. Avoid the wider track south. Head uphill to the open field. Head east of south across the field towards Wortwell, no hedges. At the houses kink left through the fence gap and head for the A143. Cross with care and head east of south, hedge left. At the large tree, turn left over the stile into the playing fields. Head for the children's play area. At the tarmac, turn left and skirt the Community Centre. Head east back to the car park.

Refreshments: Wortwell Bell and a mile east, the Black Swan.

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Car park

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Parking at TM 27466 84997

Wortwell Bell


Black Swan, Homersfield


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