5.09 mi

Elevation gain

128 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

128 ft

Max elevation

164 ft



Min elevation

43 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2018-07-12 Harleston West




November 10, 2021


November 2021

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164 ft
43 ft
5.09 mi

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near Harleston, England (United Kingdom)

Meet in the NW corner of the East of England Co-op car Park.

Head west out the car park into Paddock Road, fire station left.
At the west end of the road, turn right, north, along Weavers' Croft. The road bends left, west.
At the T-junction, turn left, south, along The Street and immediately right, west, into the Bunn's Lane foot and cycle path.
Go all the way to the end of Bunn's Lane. Turn right, north.
Take the first left, west, past the house with the arched window along the gravel farm track.
At the farm gate, kink right and left. Head west, hedge left to the end of the field.
Cross under power lines. Turn right, north, and cross under the power lines again.
At the bottom, turn left, west, and kink right and left through the gap and head west, hedge left, under power lines.
Cross the stile into a paddock, today with three horses and epic amounts of horse poo, fortunately quite dry.
Head west, hedge left for 50 metres. Turn left, south, over a stile and head south, hedge right, under power lines.
At the top of the field, kink through the gap over a sleeper bridge and continue south, hedge right.
Keep right across the meadow. Cross under two sets of power lines and head for the gate before the barns. Go through.
The concrete track kinks left and right, south, through the farm buildings. Ignore the path, south, straight ahead.
Turn right, west, along White House Farm Lane. At the T-junction, bear left, south, along Croft Road, Poplars Farm, left.
Ignore a footpath to the right. At Rushall Road, bear fight, SW, for 50 metes towards Rushall and Dickleburgh.
Turn left, south, at the first house along their gravel drive. Cross the footbridge. Head south, hedge right.
At the field boundary, cross the sleeper bridge and turn right, hedge right. Head west to Upper Harman's Lane.
Turn left, south for 50 metres. At the power pole and footpath sign, turn left, east, across the open field.
Cross the stile and continue east, fence left, barns ahead.
Go east through a kissing gate (inquisitive friendly cattle) and head east, fence left.
At the east end of the field, leave by the kissing gate 30 metres south of the left perimeter.
Turn left, north, along Starston Lane for 15 metres. Turn right, east, at the footpath sign, hedge right.
Today the footpath was very overgrown but over the hedge was a wide mown verge. Consider following this instead.
At the east end of the field, go through the gap and turn right, south, for 50 metres.
Turn left, east, across the open field. Use the reinstated path or aim for the power pole with the diagonal guy line.
At the power pole, bear right, SE, hedge left. Go through the gap and continue SE, hedge left.
Branch left, SE, into a hedged footpath. Head south past three or four houses.
Don't follow the tarmac left. Instead, head south then SW down the fenced footpath which soon bends SE.
Turn left, NE, along Needham Road. Opposite number 28, turn right, south, alley, fence right, hedge left.
Continue south over a drive to some houses. Continue south along the field perimeter, hedge left.
Cross the stile. Go down the steps. Cross the A143. Turn right for a few paces then head SW down the sloping bank.
At Well's Lane, head left, east, to meet the B1116, river views right.
It may be safer to keep left along this leg, especially at the junction. Head right, SE, along the B1116 for 80 metres.
Before Mendham Low Road, turn left, north, back towards the A143, uphill.
Cross the A143 and head north over the open field. The water tower will be to your right.
At Spirkett's Lane, turn left, west for 70 metres, then first right, north, hedge left.
Continue a little east of north all the way to central Harleston. The footpath merges with a road. Continue north.
Turn left, NW, along Exchange Street. Turn right, NE, along The Thoroughfare.
Turn left, NW, past the Adnams' Shop. Continue NW into the car park of the East of England Co-op.

Keep left in the car park and head back to the meeting place in the NW corner.

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Car park

TM 24450 83474, Harleston


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