5.48 mi

Elevation gain

108 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

108 ft

Max elevation

171 ft



Min elevation

62 ft

Trail type





November 10, 2021


November 2021

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171 ft
62 ft
5.48 mi

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near Brockdish, England (United Kingdom)

Meet in the tiny park across the road from the village Hall.
Head north along Grove Road.
Use the under-bridge to cross the A143, NW.
Take the first right, NE. Don't go through the gates. Go up the bank and follow the field perimeter, NE, hedge right.
The perimeter path bends left, north. Kink right and left, north, then NW, along a hedged path. ditch left.
At the end of the field near four mature oaks, turn left, west, no hedges, ditch right.
The trail bends right, north, hedge right.
At the end of the field, turn right, east, and head past a row of mature oak trees on the right.
Turn left, north, across a sleeper bridge into the woodland. Head north keeping to the left edge of the wood.
Cross a sleeper bridge and leave the woodland. Continue north, hedge and ditch left.
Walk past a patch of woodland, 30 metres away on the left. A short way past the north boundary, turn left, west.
The path heads west about 20 metres from the woodland perimeter.
Level with the western edge of the wood, the path bends right, NW, diagonally across the field.
At the NW hedgerow corner, cross the sleeper bridge, north and turn left, west, hedge left.
When the hedge, left ends, continue west over the open field towards the footpath signpost.
At the signpost, cross the sleeper bridge and turn left, south, hedge left.
Continue south into the woodland.
At the southern end of the wood, turn left, east. There is a woodland path or use the field perimeter instead.
After 45 metres east, turn right, south, woodland left.
Follow the path left, east, still skirting the woodland, left.
At the end of the woodland, turn right, south, hedge left.
Kink south through the gap, hedge left.
At the junction, turn right, west and pass oak trees on the left.
At the woodland go straight ahead, SW, woorland right.
At the tarmac Ingram's Road, continue west, hedge right, trees left.
Ignore the right turn to Rushall. Head west towards Thorpe Abbots.
Take the first left, south, along the grassy tree-lined Mormor Lane.
Continue south ignoring several field access gaps. The track bends a little right, more SW.
At the house continue SW along the lane.
At the T junction, turn left, east along the tarmac.
Take the first right, south, along a gravel lane. Cross under power lines.
Cross the A143. On the far side, head south for a few paces then sharp left, NE, parallel with the A143.
The church is in view to the right.
Turn right through a tall gate and head SE past rusty goal posts, diagonally across the field.
Aim for a gap/gate diagonally across the field with the church to the left.
Before the gate/gap, turn left, NE, either through the churchyard or on the field perieter path. fence right.
Come out onto Church Road and head right, SE.
At Scole Road, the old A143, turn left, east, and head back to the little park in Brockdish.
From the park, the Old King's Head is about 5 minutes further east. They have an Italian menu.

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Old Kings Head, Brockdish

Car park

TM 21253 79604, Brockdish Village Hall


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