13.12 mi

Elevation gain

161 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

161 ft

Max elevation

159 ft



Min elevation

-11 ft

Trail type





January 29, 2020


January 2020

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159 ft
-11 ft
13.12 mi

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near Bungay, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led thiswalk from the Outney Common car park near the Bungay golf club.

Head NE. Bear left and north to skirt the pond, right. Follow the pond as it bends right until you are heading SE along one an access track to the common. Go through the kissing gate. Cross the roundabout into Broad Street, SE. Go left into Nethergate Street, NE and soon SE. Follow it to the end. Turn left, NE, into Bridge Street. Cross the Waveney and turn right, SE into Falcon Lane and Meadow. At the wier, cross the river, south. Pass the mill and converted maltings. Turn left into Beccles road and head south and soon east. Turn right, south into Garden Close. Bear right, west, then left, south, across the children's play area. Head SW then left, SE, along Pilgrim's Way. At the A144, turn left, SE. Bear left, east, into Hillside Road East. Cross a stream then, before the Co-Op, take the footpath right, SE and soon NE.

Turn right, SE, and right into Meadow Close, SE, past a children's play area. At the end continue SE through the gated meadow. An alternative cattle-free path runs parallel to the left. Continue SE, hedge right through a gap, ditch right to the end of the field. Follow the footpath left, NE. If it's overgrown, consider following the field perimeter, footpath right. At the tarmac, turn left, roughly north. At the letter box, turn right, east, towards Mettingham and Beccles. Turn right, SE, to St Andrew and Ringsfield. Pass the Minster ruins. The road bends left, east. When the tarmac bends right, turn off and continue east along the track. When the track bends left, north, continue east along the reinstated path, no hedges.

Cross a sleeper bridge. Turn right, south to a finger post. Turn left, SE, and converge with the power lines at the far side of the field. Head east after the hedge gap. Join a farm lane, east, soon SE. Close to Clarke's Lane, turn right, south, through a gate into the field and keep right, ditch right. Cross a stile, right, west, over a sleeper bridge then left, south, into a field, hedge left. Skirt a pond, hedge left. Turn right, west, to a sleeper bridge. Cross and head due south to the power pole, finger post and gap opposite. Cross a footbridge and a tarmac lane. Continue south towards the church, hedge left. St Andrew's Church is about 5 miles into the walk and makes a useful spot for a break.

Head south. Merge with School Road, SE. Go past the village hall. Cross Great Common Lane and head SW across the open grassland. Sleeper bridge. Kissing gate. Head south to the far left corner of the field. Cattle grid. Cross Top Road and continue south through a scruffy farmyard, hedge left. Sleeper bridge. Gap. Sleeper bridge. Make a right left kink and head south, hedge left. Left over a sleeper bridge, continue hedge right a little east of south. At the tarmac, turn right, SW, over a brick bridge and through the gate. Head SW, farm buildings both sides. When the tarmac veers right, bear left onto a woodland track roughly west. Cross the A144 and continue west. Open field, follow the power lines. At the power line T-junction, head west to the finger post. Hedge gap. Continue slightly south of west. Broken accordion gate. Cross the open field, soon hedge right. Hedge gap. Continue hedge right. Hedge gap.

Continue hedge right. Cross the open field slightly south of west and head for the hedge gap. Continue fence right. At a gravel crossroads, turn left, SE, and head past houses through gardens. Go through the hedge gap and head SE over the open field, parallel with the power lines. At the bottom of the field, turn right, SW, hedge left. Cross Brook Lane, tarmac and head west through an accordion gate. Cross several meadows, roughly west via a seven bar metal gate. Ignore turnings right and left. Gap. Gap. Keep right, hedge right. Accordion gate. Woodland path west. Sleeper bridge. Turn right, NW, fence left, hedge right. Head NW, hedge, left. Kink left and right, NW, hedge right. At the corner turn left, west, hedge right. After 80 metres (not through the farmyard), turn right, north, hedge right, fence left along a narrow path. At the tarmac go left, west 80 metres. Turn right over a sleeper bridge, hedge right and head NW. Gap. Continue NW. Head for the large fallen tree trunk. Turn left, west, hedge right. Kink right and left onto a gravel farm track and head west. This track bends north, west, north, west past a farm in ruins and finally NW. At a Y-junction, bear right, north along the track which soon becomes tarmac.

The lane bends right, NE, past farm buildings. At a hedge gap, turn left, over a sleeper bridge, due north over the open field, no hedges and later hedge left. Sleeper bridge, north, no hedges. Cross a private drive. Head north into a sunken path/stream bed. If it's overgrown or wet, kink right and left and use the field perimeter instead. Head north. As the field bends right, look for a gap in the hedge, left, and go down the slope to re-join the sunken path, right, NE. At the tarmac head north. Cross the B1162 into Flixton Road, NW, then north. Turn left, west, into Boyscott Lane and follow it round to the right, NW. At the Y-junction, bear left, NW. Go through either of two alleys into Castle Lane, NW. Go right and left into Outney Road. Cross the footbridge back to the common car park.

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Car park

TM 33151 90085, Outney Common


Green Dragon, Bungay

Car park

TM 378 870, Ilketshall St Andrews


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