5.78 mi

Elevation gain

121 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

121 ft

Max elevation

125 ft



Min elevation

-1 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East
  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East
  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East
  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East
  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East
  • Photo of 2018-04-21 Bungay South East




January 27, 2020


January 2020

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125 ft
-1 ft
5.78 mi

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near Bungay, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from the Outney Common, Bungay car park near the golf club.
Head SW and cross the A143 using the footbridge.
Head SE along Outney Road, past the attractive alms houses and turn left at the end into Earsham Street.
Head east along Earsham street until you reach the Castle Inn. Turn right and go south through their car park.
In the car park, keep left and head uphill along a footpath. Then head SE past the castle ruins.
At the end of the path, turn right and head south along Castle Orchard. This leads to another footpath heading south.
The footpath emerges into Castle Lane. Head SE and use the alley to head SE into Boyscott Lane.
Continue SE along Boyscott Lane until it joins Upper Olland Street.
Turn right and head south all the way to the B1062 Flixton Road.
Cross the B1062 heading SE and take the first left into Messenger Close and the first right into Mountbatten Road.
Follow Mountbatten Road south until the end. The road bends east.
At the end turn right into an apparent dead end.
Look for the alley on the left which leads to the perimeter of Bungay High School.
At the perimeter fence, turn right and head south along the footpath. Go through an accordian stile into a meadow.
Head south across the meadow to a second accordian stile.
There were calm cows, calves and a bull who ignored the walkers.
After the accordian stile turn left and immediately right. Head a little west of south past the farm buildings.
After the pond, look for a galvanised gate heading left into a meadow.
Head SE across the meadow to a stile. There are some dips in the terrain, sometimes wet.
After the stile, head south and soon SE. When you reach the field walkers mostly head the wrong way because the path has never been reinstated in recent years.
Your target is a footbridge which can be seen if the crops are not too high. Don't aim for the hedge beyond the dip.
The footbridge is mid way between the hedge and the right field edge on a bearing of 160 degrees.
Cross the bridge and turn left heading east. Ignore the right turn towards Shoe Devil Lane and go straight on.
The path kinks right and left again. Head NE all the way to the A144, Bungay to Halesworth road.
Cross over with care and head a little east of north with the hedge on your right.
This path is in serious disrepair but it's easy to follow the meadow perimeter instead.
The path turns mostly NW and heads all the way back to the outskirts of Bungay.
The official track leads through a meadow often with cattle. There is a "Bull in Field" sign.
Most walkers follow a well used alternative parallel and avoiding the cattle.
Head down into Meadow Road still going NW. Go left into Joyce Road which bends north.
You will emerge with a clear view of the Co-Op store with a cafe and toilets.
Turn right and head NE, then left into Kent's Lane heading NW.
At the end, turn left and head west along Beccles road.
Head right and north towards the converted Maltings, Mill and Staithe.
Cross the Waveney at the wier and go left into Falcon Meadow, heading west, then NW.
Emerge into Ditchingham Dam and turn left towards the town centre going SW.
Turn right into Nethergate Street (or divert via the delights of Bungay) and head NW.
At the end, turn right towards Outney Common heading NW.
Cross the main A143 with care and head onto the common.
Turn left and head SW, past the pond and back to the car park.
The Wednesday walkers often visit the Artichoke at Broome after their walks in this ares.
Bungay has many pubs, cafes, restaurants and take-aways.

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Car park

TM 331 901, Outney Common

Parking at TM 331 901

Green Dragon, Bungay


Artichoke, Broom


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