5.99 mi

Elevation gain

121 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

121 ft

Max elevation

90 ft



Min elevation

-22 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome
  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome
  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome
  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome
  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome
  • Photo of 2018-04-15 Ditchingham and Broome




January 27, 2020


January 2020

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90 ft
-22 ft
5.99 mi

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near Ditchingham, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from Green Lane, Ditchingham
Please avoid the busy village hall next door though.

Head SE and behind the village hall, use the first entrance to Ditchingham and Broome common. Head NE.
After 700 yards, turn SE and head between two lakes.
The unattactive concentration camp fencing keeps otters out of the fishing lake.
At Broome village hall, turn right and head SE to the Old Yarmouth Road.
Head NE along Old Yarmouth Road past the Artichoke pub which could be good for lunch after the walk.
After 800 yards along Old Yarmouth Road, turn left and head NW along Willow Lane with Broome Beck on your left.
Go left along Loddon Road for 50 yards and turn right onto a footpath heading NW for 600 yards.
When you reach Rectory Road, turn left and head west towards Allhallows Convent.
After 900 yards, before the convent, turn left onto a footpath by the footbridge over the, usually dry, ford.
This path heads south for 450 yards before bending west.
Cross straignt over Thwaite Road and continue west.
There is a right, left kink in the path bringing you to the south perimeter of Allhallows Convent.
At Baker's Lane, head NW up to Belsey Bridge Road.
Turn left and head west along Belsey Bridge Road for 200 yards.
Go through St. Mary's, Ditchingham church yard.
In the church there is a window commemorating the author, Henry Rider Haggard.
After the church head south along Church Lane.
This joins the busy B1332 where there is a 130 yard dangerous leg with no pavement.
You could bypass most of this by ignoring the "Do Not Enter" sign and walking on the safe side of the hedge.
Turn right and head south back into safety along Free Lane which soons bends west and later south again.
Before Free Lane heads downhill, turn left and head east along a woodland path, sometimes muddy.
There are fine views over Outney Common and the Waveney Valley.
The path bends slightly south and briefly heads due south before turning SW.
After a steep drop, by Suffolk standards, after the kissing gate, cross the meadow and driveway to Ditchingham Lodge.
This driveway is NOT the path. Head for the second kissing gate, then turn east.
The path soon turns into a vehicular track leading the the Chicken Roundabout, sadly no longer with chickens.
Follow the Old Yarmouth Rd. (A143) east for 400 yards. This short leg is not too pleasant but leads to a leafy path.
There are two alternatives to this main road leg, neither particularly better.
(South of the A143, the converted Maltings and Pirnhow Street might be worth a look. The narrow bridge can be avoided as a non-obvious pedestrian bridge goes under the corner of the Maltings.)
Take the first left off the A143 along the Old Yarmouth Road and head north for 150 yards.
Turn left onto a leafy lane leading back to Broome common and head NE for 80 yards.
Turn left into Green Lane and head NW back to the car park.
The Artichoke pub has a good reputation for their lunches.

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Artichoke, Broom

Car park

TM 34183 91194, Ditchingham


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