5.28 mi

Elevation gain

59 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

59 ft

Max elevation

85 ft



Min elevation

-20 ft

Trail type





January 30, 2020


January 2020

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85 ft
-20 ft
5.28 mi

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near Aldeby, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from the north end of The Street, cul-de-sac in Aldby. There is more parking outside St Mary's Church, just south.

Meet at the south end of The Street at the bus shelter and phone box.

Head south down St Mary's Road and turn right, before the church, into a narrow path between buildings.
Head west along the path, over an open field, through a woodland belt and over another field.
Cross the road leading to Aldeby Hall and with a right left kink, continue west to Common Lane.
Head SW along the unsurfaced Common Lane. This leads to fishing lakes and carries very light traffic.
Proceed through a gate into the fishing area, aggressively fenced to keep otters out.
This is a permissive path. Continue SW. After the last lake, the path bends left.
At the last gate, head south, down to the river Waveney where there is a standing stone.
Turn left and walk SE along the river bank for 1000 metres.
Before the river bends south and almost opposite Worlingham Wall, on the Suffolk side, turn left and head NE.
Go through the gate into the grazing meadow. The grassy path leads through a second gate into Priory Lane.
Turn left and north along Priory Lane until it meets St Mary's Road.

For a shorter walk (2.7 Miles), turn left back to St Mary's Church and the village centre.

Our route goes the other way, Turn right and head SE along St Mary's Road.
Take the first left into Lily Lane, heading NE. There is shelter in the dip for an apple break.
Continue NE, ignoring turnings to the left and right in the dip. Lily Lane bends right and heads east.
At Dun Cow Road, turn left and head north. Another lost pub.
At Beccles Road turn left and head west for 200 metres. Find and head along a gravel lane to the right.
After 50 metres turn left onto a footpath. Head NW and soon north. This path emerges onto Church Road.

For a slightly shorter walk skip the visit to the church, saving a third af a mile. Turn left, heading NW.

To visit All Saints, Wheatacre, turn right along Church Road and left into the church yard. Inside there are remarkable hand sewn patterns and images. Even the cushions for kneeling are interesting. Retrace your steps back past the woodland path and NW along Church Road.

170 metres before the Walks, there is left turn into woodland. This could be spectacular at certain times of year and worth the diversion if you have time. There is a 500 metre circular route round the wood with other tracks, still to be explored.

Turn left and head south along The Walks. The falling terrain gives a fine view over Aldeby and the Waveney Valley.
Cross the main road and turn right and immediately left along a footpath back into The Street. There is a path through a patch of woodland. Depending on your parking location this could make a pleasant alternative to the road.

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TM 450 933, Aldby

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