7.58 mi

Elevation gain

167 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

167 ft

Max elevation

145 ft



Min elevation

26 ft

Trail type





November 8, 2021


November 2021

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145 ft
26 ft
7.58 mi

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near Harleston, England (United Kingdom)

Park and meet at Grinder's Lane, left off the B1116, south of Harleston.
There are several stiles and a gate that might need to be climbed.

Head east and cross the B1116, Weybread and Fressingfield road. Continue east along Watermill Lane. The lane bends right, NW. Cross the Syleham and Winfield road and continue NW past lakes. At a Y-junction, bear right, NW, towards the watermill. Pass the mill and bear right, north. Cross the Waveney and continue north into the meadow. Follow the diagonal path, NE, or continue north and turn right, NE, across a footbridge. At the NE corner of the field, go through the kissing gate onto Well's Lane. Turn right and head east along Well's Lane. Near the B1116, approach on the left side of the road to avoid fast cornering traffic. Head right, east, along the B1116 for 100 metres. Just before the junction with Low Road, turn left, north, uphill, along a woodland path. Follow this path up to the A143 and cross the bypass.

Head north across the open field. At Spirkett's Lane, turn left, west, for 75 metres. Turn right, north, along a field perimeter, hedge left. Continue north along this path, ignoring side turnings until it emerges onto tarmac. Turn right, east, to reach Lime Close, then left, north. At the north end of Lime Close, turn right, east. At a roundabout, continue east. At the end of the houses, continue east through the gate and past the dog poo bin. Climb a gate and at the A143, cross over and continue east.

In the second field, turn right, south for a few paces, then left, SE, boundary, right. Follow the field perimeters SE and later closer to east down to Low Road. Turn right, south, for 75 metres. Turn left, SE, diagonally across a meadow to emerge in The Street. Turn left, east, towards Mendham. At Sir Alfred Munnings, refreshments, the road bends right, SE.

Turn right, west, towards the church. At the gate into the churchyard, turn left, south, along a path towards meadows. Cross the open meadow heading south. Continue south past trees. Bear right, SW, across a footbridge and follow the field perimeter, boundary, left. Close to the Waveney, bear left, SW, across a meadow, staying quite close to the river. Continue SW across several fields, never straying more than 100 metres from the Waveney. At a gated bridge, turn left, south along a farm track. This bends right, west, then left, south again, becoming wider and more heavily used. At the B1123, turn left, SE. Follow the B1123 round to the right, south, and turn off into Mill Lane and head south for 125 metres. In the garden, right, there is a miniature railway line. Turn right, west, with a better view of the miniature railway line, right. Kink right and left past buildings and head west across a meadow, fence left. Follow this path across several fields, SW, hedges left, emerging onto tarmac. At the T-junction, continue west across an open field ignoring a cross-path half way across. Enter a patch of woodland and head west. Emerge onto a lane past holiday chalets. Continue west. Continue west, past a fishing lake. Turn left through gates skirting the lake, now south. The path kinks right and left, still south. Leave the lake through a gate and head west. This path emerges at a garden centre. Follow their north boundary, emerging at One Eyed Lane.

Turn right, NW, along the main road. Ignore King Street, to the right. Bear left and continue NW. After allotments, left, use the parallel path, NW, avoiding the tarmac. At the Y-junction, head north, still avoiding the tarmac. After 50 metres, bear left, away from the road, and head north along a field perimeter.
At the end of the field, continue north through woodland using the less overgrown of two parallel paths. There are nursery gardens, right. The path bends,left, west for 50 to 70 metres. Turn right, north, with the nursery still on the right. Cross a field, north, and emerge back onto Watermill Lane. Turn right, east. Follow this lane, past lakes, over the two crossing roads, and back to Grinder's Lane and the parking.

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Car park

TM 24447 83474, Harleston

TM 245 835, Harleston
Car park

TM 27095 82944, Mendham

Car park

TM 24668 81585, Grinder's Lane


Sir Alfred Munnings

  • Photo of Sir Alfred Munnings
Sir Alfred Munnings


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