4.87 mi

Elevation gain

98 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

98 ft

Max elevation

147 ft



Min elevation

30 ft

Trail type





November 8, 2021


November 2021

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147 ft
30 ft
4.87 mi

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near Weybread, England (United Kingdom)

Park in Grinder's Lane. Head west.
Cross the B1116 Weybread and Fressingfield road and continue west.
Cross the Wingfield and Syleham road and continue NW into Watermill Lane, lakes both sides.
At a Y junction, take the right hand branch, NW, into the grounds of Mill House and Watermill Cottage.
The path bends right, north, and crosses the mill race.
Cross the next bridge dedicated to Sheila Smith, a rambler who helped create the Angle's Way in 1989.
In the meadow, head north and cross the bridge, NE. Alternatively follow a diagonal NE.
Both routes meet at a kissing gate at the NE corner of the field. Go through and cross the tarmac.
Head up some steps and climb the slope, NE, up to the A143. Cross this busy road.
Head up some steps and cross the stile. Head north along the field perimeter, fence right and under power lines.
At the houses continue north. Cross a paved drive and continue north.
At Needham Road (tarmac) turn left, west. Look out for house number 50 on the right and turn right, north.
The path kinks right into a residential cul-de-sac. Head north and soon NW back to the field perimeter.
Head north, hedge right and soon NW. At the next field, go through the gap and head NW, hedge right.
When the power lines converge with the hedge, turn left, west along the re-instated path across the open field.
If tha path hasn't been reinstated, head west along tractor tracks aiming the the right hand of three large trees.
Cross into the next field and head west, hedge right and follow the twin power lines.
At Starston Lane (tarmac), cross over with a left, right kink. Continue west through the kissing gate, fence right.
Aim for the next kissing gate and go through. Head west, hedge right and soon fence right.
At the end of the field, cross the stile and head west across the open field.
At Upper Harman's Lane (tarmac) turn left, south. Ignore the path west.
The lane bends left, SE. Turn right, signposted "Byroad" and head SW along Mather Lane.
Take the first left. SE, into Upper Burnthouse Lane (cul-de-sac).
At the end, cross the A143 and coutinue SE along a tarmac footpath (Burnthouse Lane).
At High Road, the old A143, cross over into Mill Lane and continue SE and soon south.
At the mill, the road bends SE.
At the bridleway, turn left, east towards Instead Hall Farm.
Opposite the last barn, turn left, north, through a gate.
Follow the wide track north, fenced both sides, power lines left.
The path bends right, NE, over a bridge.
Where four fields meet, go west through the small gate.
Follow the meadow perimeter, NW, hedge left, meadow right and a wooded hill is further away on the right.
Continue NE, woods left and meadow right. Emerge onto Watermill Lane (tarmac), NE.
Ignore the path to the south. Continue east. Ignore a second footpath south.
Merge with the outward bound route and head SE along Watermill Lane.
Cross the Syleham and Wingfield road and continue SE.
Cross the B1116, Fressingfield and Weybread road and continue east back to the parking place.

Pubs: The Red Lion in Needham, 2 miles, and the Old Kings Head in Brockdish, 3 miles. Harleston is a mile north.

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Old Kings Head, Brockdish


Red Lion, Needham

Car park

TM 24668 81585, Grinder's Lane

  • Photo of TM 24668 81585, Grinder's Lane
TM 24668 81585, Grinder's Lane


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