5.04 mi

Elevation gain

72 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

72 ft

Max elevation

85 ft


34 5

Min elevation

-28 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common
  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common
  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common
  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common
  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common
  • Photo of 2017-10-04 Bath Hills and Outney Common




January 27, 2020


January 2020
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85 ft
-28 ft
5.04 mi

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near Bungay, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk starting from the Outney Common car park next to the Golf Club. The walk is anti-clockwise round the loop. Head NE skirting the south side of the pond. Turn NW following the gravel access road leading to the farm land. Turn right off the gravel road and head towards the fields that might contain cows or sheep. You should be walking close to the perimeter of the caravan park. Go though a rusty kissing gate and follow the track a little east of north. Cattle in this field are usually calm because they meet lots of walkers. Heading NE, cross three foot bridges. Some winters this leg is under water. At the first opportunity turn left towards the Ditchingham Lodge fields and go through a kissing gate. Head a little west of north across an open field with a tidy driveway across the middle. The driveway is NOT the route! Go through another kissing gate on the far side of the drive. Follow the path up hill, steep by Norfolk standards. This 500 metre leg can be muddy in places. Turn NW, into the vehicle access road towards the houses behind Ditchingham Lodge. Follow the road NW, straight on past the houses and back onto a footpath. The path bends west and then SW before it turns back into the Bath Hills Road. Follow the road past the quarry with occasional lorries so take care here. The road bends south and later SE. Join Hall Road with a little more traffic. Head towards and cross the A143 - extreme caution here! Use the access path SE leading to Earsham and the Queen's Head. Resist the temptation to stop for a pint and tasty saussage roll. Continue SE from the pub across the village green. This leads to a 150 metre footpath heading SE between houses. At the lane, head SE towards Earsham Mill and the Atlantic stores. Walk past the Church. After the footbridge, turn NW left and head along the path back towards the old A143, Earsham Dam. At the old A143, Earsham Dam, turn right and head east towards Bungay. After the "Roaring Arch" bridge and another smaller brick built bridge, turn left into Outney Road. Head past the attractive Alms Houses and cross the main A143 using the Golf Club foot bridge. Head east back to the car park. The Wednesday walkers often visit the Artichoke in Broome after this walk. There are many other pubs and cafes in Bungay.

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Car park

TM 331 901, Outney Common

Parking at TM 331 901

Artichoke, Broom

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