5.83 mi

Elevation gain

121 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

121 ft

Max elevation

125 ft



Min elevation

-45 ft

Trail type





November 10, 2021


November 2021

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125 ft
-45 ft
5.83 mi

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near Homersfield, England (United Kingdom)

Park in the B1062 lay-by close to Homersfield.

Head SW into the village. At the village sign, keep left and head SW. The lane bends south then SE.
At the junction, bear right, south, and walk 430 metres. Ignore the road to the left.

Turn right, west, onto the Angle's Way path. The woodland track immediately bends south and later SW.
At the end of the wood, the right of way is over the stile and along the field perimeter, fence left.
This leads to a broken and dangerous stile. Cross over and head left, SE past the farm buildings.
To avoid the broken stile, at the end of the woodland, follow the same field perimeter, fence right.
Both routes emerge at the north end of Downs Farm Lane.
Cross the lane and take the footpath, SW, past the farm buildings.
The path through grazing gradually bends south.
At the lowest point, cross the bridge and continue SW through more meadows until you reach Sconch Beck Road.
The map shows an alternative (not a right of way). This was to avoid a bull showing signs of aggression.

At the road, turn right, west, for 150 metres or rather more if you are not comfort-a-bull with the official route.
Turn left, almost doubling back and head SE towards Walsham Hall and Laurel Farm.
The tarmac dwindles to a grassy track and bends left, east, towards Weston House Farm.
Head through the middle of the farm where the track bends right, SE.
After 300 metres turn left, NE, back on tarmac. At the bottom of the dip, turn left, NW, grassy path, stream left.
In the third field, the path kinks left and right, crossing the stream. Continue NW, stream right. The path bends north.

At the road, turn left, NW, and 60 metres later, turn right, north, field perimeter, hedge right.
After 250 metres, there is a left branch across the open field. A finger post marks the junction.
Head west, uphill and aim to pass to the the right of the buildings. This path has usually been reinstated.
At Mendham Lane, turn right, north and re-join your out-bound route.

Ignore the road to the right and continue north for another 350 metres.
For variety, take the right hand branch in the road and head east, woodland to the left.
After 100 metres, turn left, SW, into the woodland maintained by the local community.
Head past the church and join the residential road.
At the park and children's play area, turn right and head NE back to the lay-by.

Alternatively, go left, then right to the Black Swan for refreshments, popular with the Wednesday Waveney Ramblers.

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Car park

TM 287 858, Homersfield Lay-by

  • Photo of TM 287 858, Homersfield Lay-by
  • Photo of TM 287 858, Homersfield Lay-by
TM 287 858, Homersfield Lay-by

Black Swan

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  • Photo of Black Swan
Black Swan


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