5.02 mi

Elevation gain

98 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

98 ft

Max elevation

185 ft



Min elevation

22 ft

Trail type





November 10, 2021


November 2021

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185 ft
22 ft
5.02 mi

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near Brockdish, England (United Kingdom)

Meet at the little park opposite the village hall at the south end of Grove Road.
Head south along Syleham Road, farm left, towards the river and mill.
Cross the river and at the T junction, turn left, east, along Syleham Road for 60 metres.
Take the first right, SE, uphill on a concrete track.
When the concrete bends left, continue south, hedge right.
Cross an open field, south and continue south, hedge left across the next.
The path kinks right and left and emerges on the Weybread Road. Turn right, west for a few paces.
Turn left, SE, into Wingfield Road for 800 metres.
Opposite a gravel drive and just after a transformer up a power pole, turn left, east through trees.
After only 30 metres, the path joins the drive to Green Farm. Head NE.
At the end of the drive, kink left and right over a stile and head NE, hedge right.
At the end of the hedge, cross the open field NE towards a small copse.
On this leg, look right and behind (south) to see the ruins of Wingfield castle in the distance.
Head along the right hand perimeter to the end of the copse.
Cross the open field, NE, towards the far corner. Go through the gap and head more north, hedge right.
After 180 metres, turn right, east, and head across another open field.
At the far side, continue east, hedge left. The path kinks left and right. Continue east.
At the far hedge, turn left, NE and soon north, hedge right, all the way to Syleham Hall Lane.
Cross the tarmac over stiles and head a little east of north across the grazing meadow.
To avoid the cattle pass the pond on either side. Head for the north boundary to the right of the belt of trees.
Cross a stile and head a little east of north across another open field, roughly following the power poles.
At the third power pole, bend right, NE and head for the left boundary of the buildings.
Emerge onto the tarmac and turn left, NW. Follow Wingfield Road, NW, for 100 metres.
Turn left, west, along a grassy path, hedge left and fence right. The footpath signpost is in the wrong place.
Continue west, hedge left.
Turn right, north, to pass a small copse and pool, left.
At the north perimeter, turn left, west, fences and hedge right.
Here, the rights of way are not usually reinstated, so these last steps minimise crop damage.
Head west through a small wood to join the road. Turn left, SW.
After 200 metres, opposite concrete hard standing, turn right, NE, hedge right.
Follow the path down the hill.
The path bends left, SW, then kinks right and left to join the Angles' Way close to the river.
Follow the path, SW, through several gates and stiles with the river on the right.
In the last field the path bends right, west. Go through the gate into Common Lane and head right, NW.
Go through the farm buildings and continue SW, then NW, up to The Street.
Turn left, west, to return to the park and village hall 50 metres away.

The Old King's Head (italian menu) is 250 metres east of the village hall.

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TM 215 797 (Old Kings Head)

  • Photo of TM 215 797 (Old Kings Head)
  • Photo of TM 215 797 (Old Kings Head)
TM 215 797 (Old Kings Head)
Car park

TM 213 796 (Village Hall)

  • Photo of TM 213 796 (Village Hall)
  • Photo of TM 213 796 (Village Hall)
Parking near the TM 213 796 (Village Hall)


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