10.49 mi

Elevation gain

167 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

148 ft

Max elevation

158 ft



Min elevation

-30 ft

Trail type

One Way
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear
  • Photo of 2017-05-21 Halesworth to Bungay Linear




August 24, 2020


August 2020

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158 ft
-30 ft
10.49 mi

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near Halesworth, England (United Kingdom)

Catch the 88 bus from Bungay to Halesworth (not Sundays). There is a bus stop opposite the Green Dragon in Broad Street. Get off the bus opposite the car park in the centre of Halesworth. There are toilets close to the bus stop.

Head NW along the main road to the roundabout. Turn first left, SW, into Bridge Street. Turn first right, west, into Rectory Street. Continue west into school lane. The road ends. Cross the meadow still heading west. Any cattle are usually calm because lots of walkers use this route. Leave the meadow through a gate and turn right, NW, along a tree lined track. At Mill Road, tarmac, turn left, NW. Follow Mill Road all the way to Wissett. At The Street, turn left, NW, and head past the Plough Inn. Head past the church and turn right, north, into Gray's Lane. Note the spring on the left of the tree-lined road.

Turn left, NW, onto a signposted path. Follow this passing holiday cottages, a farm and stables. Continue NW after the farm for another 440 metres. Turn right, north, hedge left or through the trees if it's passable. Continue north. There are a couple of left right kinks to cross ditches or follow the field perimeters. Cross a footbridge and turn left, SW, onto The Street. There is an interesting "witch's" cottage on the right. At large farm buildings, turn right, north. At a crossroads in the paths, turn right, east, towards woodland. This path bends left, NE. At the far field corner, turn left through the hedge (might be a squeeze), then head north, hedge left. Kink left and right and continue north, hedge right. The path bends left, NW. At tarmac, turn left, west. After the house, turn right, NW, hedge right. The path kinks left and right twice. At the north corner, go through the hedge and continue north across open land. Aim for the farm buildings.

Turn right, NW, onto the farm road and head past buildings, NE. At the right bend, turn left off the road. Head NE across the open field to the hedge. Turn left, NW, hedge right. Turn right, NE, hedge left. Kink left and right through the gap and continue NE, hedge right. The perimeter path bends left, north, NW and finally west. Turn right, north, and cross a stream. Head NE across a track, through a hedge and up into a field. This may be be overgrown and hard to find. In the field, head NW, hedge left. At the hedge corner, head across the open field, NW. Go through a hedge gap then turn left, SW, hedge right. Turn right, NW, passing a house on the right and aim for the church. Turn right, NE, at the church and head to Low Street. Turn right, east, along Low Street.

Turn left, NW, into Shoe Devil Lane. Follow this as it dwindles into a footpath, north and NW. At a ditch, turn left, west for a few metres. Turn right and cross a footbridge. Head west of north across the open field. This path is rarely reinstated. Continue NW on a woodland path. Look for a left turn over a stile into a meadow. Cross the meadow, NW and leave through the gate. Turn right towards Manor Farm. After the last buildings, turn left and right through a gate into a meadow. Head roughly north across the field. Leave through another gate and continue north, hedge right. Emerge into Manor Road, school right. Cross Princes Road and continue north along Manor Road.

Cross the B1062 and head north along the footpath. Head north along Southend Road passing the converted windmill. Turn left, NW into Laburnum Road. Turn left, then right along the B1435 and head north into the centre of Bungay where there are shops, pubs, cafes, churches, Bigod Castle, the Borough Well and other sites of historical interest. Return to your start point.

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Bus stop

Bus Bungay, Opposite Green Dragon Route 88 Departs 10:56 £2.60

Bus stop

Bus Route 88 Arrives 11:25 Halesworth, Opposite Car Park


The Plough


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