4.9 mi

Elevation gain

23 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

23 ft

Max elevation

57 ft


25 5

Min elevation

-56 ft

Trail type





January 30, 2020


January 2020
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57 ft
-56 ft
4.9 mi

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near North Cove, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from the old road outside Saint Boltoph's, North Cove next to the Three Horseshoes.

The bus from Norwich and Beccles to Lowestoft, Service X2, passes the starting point at The Three Horseshoes.

From the pub, walk east past the thatched church (which has some medieval wall paintings).
Keep to the shared foot and cycle path all the way to North Cove village.
Continue east on The Street. Go past a post box and a telephone box.
Turn left down Mill Lane a few yards before the Methodist Church and head north.
After 300 metres turn left onto a footpath between two cottages and head NW.
The path bends right and leads to two fields.
Head north keeping the hedge on your left. This path leads towards the moated Wade Hall (on the right).
After the second field, rejoin the tarmac and head briefly north, then west and then north again crossing the railway.
Just before the railway crossing there is a small car park serving the nature reserve.
This leg is often muddy.
Note the turning left into the nature reserve. This is worth a visit. There are hides for bird watchers.
Our track heads roughly north towards the river through woods and later fields.
Before the river, the path kinks left and right through gates and then up onto the raised river bank.
Turn left and follow the river heading west towards Beccles.
After 450 metres, at Cove Staithe, there is a vehicle track used by fishermen.
This is the shorter 3.5 mile route heading south, back to the village.
This becomes a lane and joins the road where a signpost points the way back to North Cove.

The longer route continues west along the river bank for another mile.
Turn off by a small mooring staithe onto a straight hedge-less track heading SW.
Cross the railway into Marsh Lane and continue SW.
The lane bends south and later SE.
Just before the roundabout turn left into the old Lowestoft Road, avoiding the busy new road.
Head SE along the old Lowestoft Road for about three quarters of a mile back to the starting point.

It's possible to extend this walk to six miles, all the way to Beccles via the river bank.
Catch the X2 bus back. There is a bus stop close to Beccles Quay where Fen Lane meets Ravensmere.
Or reverse the route and catch the bus to Beccles.

A similar extended walk east, is possible, using the bus to the Carlton Crown.
Head back to the riverside walk via the golf course.

The Three Horseshoes is ideally placed for refreshments and meals.
The Barnby Swan is about a mile to the east of the starting point.

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Car park

TM 46119 89338

Parking at TM 46119 89338

Three Horseshoes


  • Photo of Boversam

    Boversam Feb 21, 2021

    Brilliant walk, great directions.
    Muddy in places, lovely fairy doors during the start of yhe walk. Nature reserve was lovely, good bird hides. Useful if weather became too wet. Benches also to stop for a drink.
    Nice walks along the river.

  • Photo of Boversam

    Boversam Feb 21, 2021

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Brilliant walk, muddy in places.
    Loved fairy doors at the start of the walk.
    Nature reserve fantastic for bird watching. Nice bench for a quick refresh and drink.

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