6.35 mi

Elevation gain

194 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

194 ft

Max elevation

152 ft



Min elevation

-17 ft

Trail type





November 10, 2021


November 2021

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152 ft
-17 ft
6.35 mi

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near Homersfield, England (United Kingdom)

Meet at the Homersfield lay-by off the B1062. There are shorter and longer versions of this walk.

Head SW towards the village.
At the village sign, bear right, NW, towards the Black Swan (Refreshments - closed in the afternoon).
After the pub, head NW to the B1062, crossing the oldest concrete bridge in Great Britain. Continue NW.
At the busy A143, turn right, NE. Cross the road at the traffic island.
Head right, NE, past the Dove tea rooms and Farmer's Kitchen.
Head NE and cross Station Road. Head into Low Road, NE, and approach the converted railway engine sheds.
Opposite the engine sheds, turn left, north, up the drive. Don't turn left into Holbrook Cottage.
Turn left at an easily missed un-gated gap up the bank with wooden railings right. Go up some steps.
At the field, bear right, north, hedge right, along the perimeter of the garden.
After the house, the path bends NW, hedge right. At the first hedge gap, kink right and left. Head NW, hedge left.
At the end of the field, cross the sleeper bridge, north. The path bends right, then left. Head west of north, hedge right.
At the end of the field, at a T junction, continue north, hedge left.
At the first house continue north onto the driveway. The drive bends NW, then north again.
At Denton Road (tarmac) cross over. The woodland track ahead soon bends NE.
SHORTER WALK - At drainage ditches take the first path to the left, west, all the way to Church Road.
At Church Road, turn right then first left, SW. Turn right, NW, along The Street for 150 metres.
Turn left along the gravel Vinegar Lane. This soon dwindles to a gated footpath.
Head SW to the end of this path. Cross two fields, SW. At the last field, steer 256 degrees (a bit south of west).
At the tarmac, turn left, south, along Burntoak Lane.
LONGER WALK - At drainage ditches don't take the first path to the left. Continue NE across a wider sleeper bridge.
Just after the wide sleeper bridge, turn left, NW.
This path, NW, crosses a sleeper bridge and leads to a wide grassy area with mature trees on both sides.
Ignore a path to the right. The path bends left, more west. Ignore a path to the left over a sleeper bridge.
Cross Payness Hill (tarmac) with a right, left kink. Head west along a field perimeter, trees left for 190 metres.
Turn left, south and soon SW past buildings, left. At The Street, turn left, SE for 70 metres.
Turn right through a gate and follow the field perimeter, SW, hedge left to the bottom of the dip.
Turn right, west, and follow the perimeter, ditch right. Continue west and later SW to Burntoak Lane. Go left, SE.
BOTH WALKS - Head south and SE to Low Ditch Road.
SHORTER WALK - Turn left, east, along Low Ditch Road. After 360 metres (one field) turn right, SE, along a footpath.
The path bends right, east and drops down to join Stony Lane.
LONGER WALK - Ignore Low Ditch Road and continue south for 180 metres.
Turn left, east, and follow the field perimeter, hedge left. At the end of the field head left, NE to join Stony Lane.
BOTH WALKS - Head uphill, east, along Stony Lane, a gravel oak tree lined avenue.
At the tarmac cross over with a right, left kink. Head east, tree right and, after the two seats, hedge left.
Cross the sleeper bridge and turn left, north. The path soon bends right, east, hedge left, fence right.
At the tarmac, turn right and head downhill along Station Road. There are nice views.
Turn right past the Dove farm shop and gallery. Head SW and cross the busy A143 using the traffic island.
Head SW then left, south, off the A143 along the B1062.
Head south, then east along the B1062. Ignore the turn to Wortwell. Take the next right, SE, into the picnic area.
Cross the oldest concrete bridge in Great Britain and head past the Black Swan (refreshments, closed in the afternoon).
At the village sign, bear left, NE, back towards the lay-by.

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Car park

TM 28702 85757 (Homersfield Lay-by)

TM 287 858 (Homersfield Lay-by)
Car park

TM 284 856, Homersfield Black Swan


Black Swan, Homersfield


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