5.54 mi

Elevation gain

108 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

108 ft

Max elevation

115 ft



Min elevation

31 ft

Trail type





January 31, 2020


January 2020

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115 ft
31 ft
5.54 mi

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near Beccles, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from Rigbourne Hill near the Co-op food store.
Meet on the green opposite the Co-op.

Head SE along Rigbourne Hill Lane.
This is a footpath between Rigbourne Hill and High Leas.
At the top, turn right and left, SE, along Oak Lane.
This turns from a road to a footpath. Continue SE.
At the Southern Relief Road, cross over, turn left and head east on the metalled byway, parallel with the new road.
Turn right into the somewhat busy Benacre Road and head east for 160 metres.
Turn right and head south along Church Road.
After 460 metres, turn left onto a footpath leading to the disused airfield.
Head east across the field and onto the footpath to the left of the concrete runway.
After 540 metres, turn right, cross the runway and continue south past buildings, right.
After 320 metres, turn left between fields of photovoltaic panels.
Head east between the panels and soon right, south.
At Hulver Road, turn right and head west.
At Church Road, go straight ahead, west. This becomes Church Lane.
At Cucumber lane, turn right, cross the Hundred River and head north for 80 metres.
Turn left on a field track, west, towards Church Farm.
At the metal gate, turn right and head north, hedge left.
When the hedge ends, head NW across the field.
This path is rarely reinstated. Aim for a hedge gap 70 metres east of the NW field corner.
Turn right along the woodland path for 300 metres.
At the footpath junction turn left and head north towards Chenery's Farm.
Continue north and cross the Southern Relief Road.
Head north along Cucumber Lane.
Re-join Oak Lane.
Retrace your steps back the north end of Rigbourne Hill Lane.

The Butcher's Arms is 700 metres west.
There are many more pubs and cafes in Beccles.

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Car park

TM 42668 89443, Rigbourne Hill street parking


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