7.1 mi

Elevation gain

184 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

184 ft

Max elevation

121 ft



Min elevation

31 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2015-12-10 Ellough and Shadingfield
  • Photo of 2015-12-10 Ellough and Shadingfield
  • Photo of 2015-12-10 Ellough and Shadingfield




January 30, 2020


January 2020

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121 ft
31 ft
7.1 mi

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near Weston, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from the south end of Derby Road, Beccles with street parking. Bend left into the footpath heading SE. The path bends left. After 40 metres turn right and head SE. Use the right track of two parallel paths if it's dry and not overgrown. Head SE, fence right until the paths re-join. Ignore the path to the right and cross the Southern Relief Road.

Continue SE. At the T-junction, turn left. After 60 metres, turn right across an open field heading SE. This path has never been reinstated in recent years. Aim for a point half way between the church tower and the two chimneys peeking over the ridge. Later the finger post should come into view. At the hedge, bend left, then right, south. After 150 metres, at the farm gate, turn left and head east towards Cucumber Lane. Turn right and head south for 80 metres. Cross the Hundred River.

Turn left into Church Lane and head SE for 300 metres until the road bends left. Leave the tarmac and continue SE through the gate into the field. Stay between the river and the barbed wire fence. At the end of the field, cross the bridge. Aim SE diagonally across the field, towards a hedge gap and a mature tree 100 metres north/left of the church. Head south along Church Road past the church. The road bends left and crosses a stream.

Leave the tarmac, turning right, SW, and follow two field perimeters, stream right. These paths are not used much and may be barely visible. In the second field, at the first opportunity, cross the stream and continue SW, ditch left. When the path bends south, the right of way kinks left and right with the hedge, right. The wrong side of the hedge works just as well and is used by horse riders. At a wedge of woodland, keep left and pass, wood right. After the pumping station join the A145, London Road. Fox Inn: refreshments.

From the inn, head north, 40 metres. Turn left onto a field. Head NW, hedge right to the end of the field. You may need to kink left and right. Sometimes the diagonal right of way is usable. Turn left, SW, to Moat Farm and Mill Lane. Turn right, NW, along Mill Lane on tarmac and later concrete. At the farm, keep right. Take the small gate into a meadow. Head NW, hedge left.

Go left, gate, bridge, gate, right. Head NW, hedge right. After one more gate hit the Bermuda Triangle. Look for a gate, hidden in the hedge. Beware of two easier tracks heading left or right, luring you to your doom. Head NW, downhill. Aim between two mature oaks, the gap and the gate right of the gap. Through the gate and over the bridge head along the leafy lane, NNW. Ignore a gate and bridge left. When the lane bends right at Farm Cottage, continue NNW over the field. Head over a bridge and through the caravan park. Turn right along King's Lane for 500 metres.

After large barns, turn left into a spinney. Head NW. Emerge into a field and continue, hedge left. Kink left and right over a sleeper bridge and head NW, hedge right. At the Hundred River, bend left. After 30 metres, cross the river and bend right. Head towards Walpole Hall, hedge left, through gates. Turn right. Head NE, hall right, through a gate. Head NE all the way to the A145.

Turn left, NW, along the A145 towards Beccles using the wide verge. After 240 metres, turn right into Marlborough Lane and head NE for 400 metres. Turn left. Head NW, retracing your outward walk. Re-cross the Southern Relief Road. Kink right and left and head NW along the other parallel path, for a change. The path turns left and after 60 metres, right again. Head north all the way back to Derby Road.

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Car park

TM 42376 88794, Derby Road, Beccles


Fox, Shadingfield


Butcher's Arms


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