4.32 mi

Elevation gain

82 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

82 ft

Max elevation

129 ft



Min elevation

53 ft

Trail type





January 30, 2020


January 2020

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129 ft
53 ft
4.32 mi

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near Weston, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk.
Caution: About a mile of this walk is on Redisham Road. Avoid busy times.
By arrangement at Ringsfield village hall.
By arrangement at the Horseshoes Pub.
Roadside parking in School Road.

Start from the Ringsfield Crossroads, where School road meets Cromwell road. Head south towards Redisham.
Go down the hill and turn left (east) on the track after the Weston Car and Van works.
Pass the sewage farm (left).
Continue NE over the railway to the silt-filled pit on the left where the track bends right.
Take the footpath to the right with Walpole Hall on left and head south.
Go through the gate. Ignore the first field entrance (right). Bear right through the second gate.
Cross over the Hundred River and turn left.
Follow the stream for about 40 metres, then bear right, uphill with a drainage ditch and later the hedge to the left.
At the field corner, turn left and cross a sleeper bridge. Turn right immediately and continue SE (hedge right).
Go SE through the spinney and join King's Lane.
Turn right and head SW along King's Lane, passing cottages and Park House on the left.
When you reach houses on the right, turn left through a gate onto the concrete drive of a small caravan park.
Head a little east of south through the caravans and cross the footbridge into an arable field.
Go a little east of south over the field to join the track past Farm Cottage on the left.
Follow the track a little east of south, past more farm buildings to a grassy lane.
Before the bridge and gate at the valley bottom, turn right over a less obvious bridge and gate.
Head SW along the long meadow, (hedge right).
Cross the railway line.
Continue SW and converge with the ditch (left) and the field edge to the road.
Turn right and follow the Redisham Road, initially north, for over half a mile.
100 metres after Flint House, turn left and cross the stile into the pasture (hedge left) and head north.
At the end of the field, go through a hedge gap.
Continue north (ditch left) on the grassy track.
Cross the ditch using the wooden footbridge or the easier farm vehicle crossing about 15 metres ahead.
Continue north.
At the bottom of the dip, head NE and cross the Hundred River over the wooden footbridge.
Continue NE. Cross a field access track into a wooded sloping bank heading east.
Emerge into a garden meadow. Head NE, keeping to the left hedge.
Head NE through a narrow woodland belt into another garden meadow.
Follow the track north keeping to the right perimeter, close to the road.
At the entrance to Pound Farm turn onto Ringsfield Road and head north back the the village.

The Horseshoes Inn is close by. From the Ringfield Crossroads, head east along Cromwell Road for 440 metres.

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Car park

TM 40898 87346, Ringsfield Village Hall


Horseshoes, Weston


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