5.25 mi

Elevation gain

135 ft

Technical difficulty


Elevation loss

135 ft

Max elevation

118 ft



Min elevation

6 ft

Trail type

  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham
  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham
  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham
  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham
  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham
  • Photo of 2015-12-03 Gillingham




January 30, 2020


January 2020

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118 ft
6 ft
5.25 mi

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near Beccles, England (United Kingdom)

Waveney Ramblers led this walk from the Gillingham church lay-by off the AI46 Beccles bypass.

Head south and cross the A146 using the footbridge and continue south towards the village hall.
Opposite The Street, immediately after the bus shelter, turn left into a drive, keeping "Crossways" on your right.
Head to the bypass and go through the gates. Cross the A146 with care and head east through another gate.
The grassy track heads east past field entrances. It bends left and heads north before a stand of poplars.
Head north uphill with the hedge on the left and an ornate barn in view on the right.
At the top, the track joins a larger farm road. Turn right and head east.
At the entrance to Gillinghan and Hill Farms and the Dog Hotel, turn left and head north to the A143 Yarmouth road.
Turn right and follow the A143 using the wide grass verges to walk towards Gt Yarmouth.
Ignore the right turn to Aldeby.
Just after the brow of the hill, at a field entrance with a metal gate, cross two stiles into the right hand meadow.
The stiles were nettle-choked and flooded by an overflowing cattle trough so a gate climb might be easier.
Aim NE, and cross the meadow diagonally to a gate into the narrow lane to the tiny hamlet of Waterloo.
Turn left and head west, back to the main road.
Turn right along the A143 verge for 130 metres north.
Turn left off the A143 into the gravel drive of Boundary Farm. This looks private and there is no signpost.
Pass the farmhouse, keeping to the gravel track. Leave the grounds over a stile beside a gate.
Continue west along the grassy bridleway and join Boot's Lane for the next 0.8 miles. Ignore side turnings.
Before Old Grove (tall woodland), follow the main track which turns left and head south for 180 metres.
Follow the track which bends right and head west to Raveningham Road.
Cross Raveningham Road. The path west was not signposted and had not been reinstated (May 2018).
Head west across the field, passing to the left of a group of trees which enclose a pond.
Head west and cross a ditch by a bridge and stile. The path continues west with another pond to your right.
The path kinks right and left, then heads west, under power lines with the hedge on your right.
Turn left at a wide farm track and head towards the farm buildings where the track bends right.
Head west through the farm buildings with the barn on your left. Head SW away from the farm.
The farm track, now broken concrete, heads SW and drops down to Rectory Road.
Turn left and head SE along Rectory Road.
After a pumping station, some power lines and a small uphill climb the road bends left (east).
At the bend, turn right off the road at a field entrance. Continue SE, diagonally across the field.
Aim for the nearest in a row of trees dividing the fields at the opposite south eastern corner.
Bear left along the field edge heading east along the row of trees you aimed for (hedge right).
The track bends right and heads SE towards the war memorial off Yarmouth road, A143.
At the A143, cross over and head left for about 30 metres where the path to the memorial branches right.
The gated road to the memorial passes a 14th century church tower, an 11th century church and a 19th century red-brick church.

Complete the final few metres to your starting point.

The Swan at Gillingham is conveniently close for refreshments.

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Car park

TM 41147 92100, Gillingham Chrches


Swan, Gillingham


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