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Coordinates 765

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Recorded April 2013

8,123 ft
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9.31 mi

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near Hirose, Yamanashi (Japan)

Day hike to Kobushigatake

Access by bus:
Campsite website:

After a quite cold night (2 degrees in my tent) we woke up at 4:00 AM and started walking under a perfectly clear sky.

Most people seem to do this hike in 2 days because map time slightly exceeds 10 hours but even with ice on 1/3 of the trail we could do it about 7 hours so it's perfectly OK as day hike (problem would be transportation for people coming by bus)

From the campsite (elevation 1110m) to the trail head, we follow the road and it is clearly indicated (map time about 0:40)

From the trail head the Kinmaru shindou (on the East side of the Nuku stream) presents a few short traverse with unstable ground (kind of sand) threatening to collapse under one's feet. Ropes are present and can be used to prevent a fall or to give more assurance. There are several flat stretches compared to the other trail and to compensate the steep stretches are more so. The second half is particularly steep with rocks and roots but no particular danger. That trail overall is not well indicated and only advisable for experienced hikers. (map time 2:30)

After the junction (elevation 1869m) we follow the 戸渡 ridge which is also relatively steep with roots and rocks. From around 2000m in elevation the track was covered in ice but the many trees on the side could be used to keep walking without crampons. A few opening in the trees let Fuji-san appear for a while before its top became swallowed by the clouds. We soon reached Tokusayama (elevation 2468m, map time 2:30).

From Tokusayama we go down to the hut (elevation 2380m) were a bunch of people were surprised I was carrying by boots on the side of my pack while walking with my sneakers. The last stretch to Tokusayama and the downhill to the hut probably would have been easier with the crampons on but it was also fun to do that with sneakers and get a grip on each and every tree. (map time 0:20)

From the hut we finally put on the crampons and dashed to the summit (elevation 2475m, map time 20m) were we had a better view on the surrounding mountains. To the South and West after a few dozens of kilometers clouds obstructed the view though. Temperature was then much better than in the morning with more than 10 degrees.

Going back to the hut was the best part of the trail, indeed I could rush through the woods and jump between trees like a lighter version of downhill snowshoeing. (map time 0:15)

We kept the crampons on almost all the way to the junction point using the same ridge (map time 1:30).

At the junction we took the other trail (徳ちゃん進藤) which is probably more suitable than the other for downhill. There are less steep parts and the whole trail is very stable with no technical parts. Roots can sometimes be treacherous though (map time 1:30).

To go back to the campsite the road part is slightly longer than in the morning and the urge to take off the boots is getting bigger by the minute.

Overall a good hike, probably best enjoyed around this season of the year when snow and warm temperatures are combined.

More pictures here: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/nxoc083sxldnvxj/Yhow0G7nw9




Start and end of the hiking trails




Supermarket next to the camp site. Closes at 5:30 PM


Time table here: Access by bus: http://www.city.koshu.yamanashi.jp/kurashi/files/20130325/窪平・西沢渓谷線.pdf


Trail on the east of the stream on the lower half to Kobushigatake


Trail on the West on the stream on the bottom half to Kobushi


Ridge on the second half to Kobushigatake


First summit on the way to Kobushidake. Elevation 2468m


Hut near the summit of Kobushi, very warmly welcome although we just had lunch in front of the hut (and didn't spend the night)


One of the hyakumeizan (100 'famous' mountains in Japan)


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