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  • Photo of 2009-08-15 - Zhejiang/Anhui - Around Huihang gudao - 2 days hike
  • Photo of 2009-08-15 - Zhejiang/Anhui - Around Huihang gudao - 2 days hike

Time  one day 5 hours 41 minutes

Coordinates 1946

Uploaded August 23, 2009

Recorded August 2009

3,631 f
850 f
29.71 mi

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near Zhejitian, Zhejiang (China)

1st day (6h45)
We let the car on the road and then start hiking.
0-3h: really great - 1st pass, nice village, 2nd pass
3h-3h45: descent from the second pass on a old path almost disapeared. Very tough and very slow, 45 min through spider nets and jungle. average speed = 0.9km/h
3h45-5h30: Descent on a large dirt road. At the end of the descent you will find a nice place to take a bath in the river.
5h30-6h45: Mix of path and road (without car) to the campsite. Lot of villages.

2nd day: (7h10)
0-1h15: on the road (without car). You should wait and take the bus (morning bus)
1h15-1h30: On the bus to the beginning of the path of the second day
1h30-3h15: Very nice path in a canyon to a village
3h15-4h30: Large dirt road to a guest house (we didn't sleep in it)
4h30-5h: Very nice path to the entrance of a park (entrance fee: 35RMB, Chinese people like paying to see nature!!!)
5h-5h10: Ascent to the last pass. Very nice view. Some cows.
5h10-6h25: Path to the valley's villages
6h25-7h10: Road to the start point (around the end, we tried a shortcut: funny but not short at all)
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15-AOU-09 9:47:43
Ji Xi Xian
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Ji Xi Xian
Ji Xi Xian

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    R_BR Nov 29, 2013


    is it possible to use a Mountainbike for this tour?

You can or this trail