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Time  one day 4 hours 46 minutes

Coordinates 2600

Uploaded August 3, 2014

Recorded August 2014

6,834 f
4,914 f
14.87 mi

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near Höshigiyn Ar, Төв Аймаг (Mongol Uls)

2 day hike Bogd Khan state park. Asked a taxi to drive me to the starting point from UB, for 50.000MNT. No trails, just wild hiking. First day was the hardest as the climb gets steeper. The terrain is easy enough. The second day was technically the most difficult: through the forest, uneven terrain. Should have gone further west to reach the fire lane sooner. When the fire lane stops, you follow a small river. Again difficult terrain, you need real hiking boots here. Great camping spot: flat soft and a view. No water though. You wont meet water untill the middle of the second day.
  • Photo of Camp for the night
Camp for the night
  • Photo of Fire clearing
Fire clearing
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