Time  8 hours 56 minutes

Coordinates 2320

Uploaded June 16, 2016

Recorded June 2016

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near Crone, Leinster (Ireland)

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The Wicklow Way back west of Knockree Hill, descends to cross the Glencree River valley and hits Crone Wood. From here a steady ascent brings the trail through a spectacular viewing point on Powerscourt Waterfall.
Now the path follows in the open, the Dargle is the next river to be crossed, followed by a climb of 650m around the east face of the mountain of Djouce (775m). Near here is a site that became part of modern folklore following the crash of an airplane on the Djouce mountain in 1946.
From here the trail passes White Hill and marks the beginning of a long descent through Ballinastoe Woods, opening to reveal the wonderful view of Lough Tay and the Luggala Valley (pronounced lug-a-lei), to reach Roundwood. Continuing south on the way, 3 km ahead we reach Oldbridge.
We are in the heart of the Wicklow Highlands located at the junction of four great glacial valleys (Avonmore, Glenmacnass, Glendasan and Glendalough) in Laragh (pronounced la-ra) and Glendalough (pronounced vale-of-lock). This area has much to offer both landscaping and historically and those who may have an extra day to explore it will be well rewarded.
We continue walking on the public road for another 3kms along Drumray, we turn right for a path that takes us to the northeast part of Paddock Hill.
The route continues over the hill and then descends to cross the Glenmacnass road. If Laragh (the lively village with a good choice of accommodation, shops, pubs and restaurants) is your destination remain on the road for 1 km. We continue to Glendalough, so we stay on the route, we leave the road turning right to immediately enter Brockagh Forest - with its obvious evidence of the recent harvest of wood and replanting. Following on the trail we did the spookily scenic approach to Glendalough, always coming down to the locality with obligatory stop at the local pub to refresh the dry gorges. Need to make a 500m turnoff (when you get to the paved road turn right) for overnight stay at Glendalough International Hostel.

Date of realization: 8 June 2016
Home: Knockree
End: Glendalough (Hostel)
Route: Knockree Youth Hostel - Glencross River - Crone Wood - Dargle River - White Hill - Ballinastoe Woods - Roundwood - Oldbridge - Drumray - Paddock Hill - Glenmacnass River - Brockagh Forest - Glendalough International Hostel
Length: 31 km
Effective march: 8 hours
Accommodation: Glendalough International Hostel

1st DAY: Marlay Park - Knockree
2DAY: Knockree - Glendalough
3ºDIA: Glendalough - Glenmalure
Off-trail: Glendalough Lake and Miners Village
4ºDIA: Glenmalure - Moyne
5ºDIA: Moyne - Shillelagh
6ºDIA: Shillelagh - Clonegal
Off-trail: Clonegal - Bunclody



  • Photo of fernandapacheco

    fernandapacheco Jun 17, 2016

    I have followed this trail  View more

    2ª Etapa do Caminho de Wicklow onde se realça a maravilhosa vista do Lough Tay e o do Vale Luggala... e a fascinante localidade de Glendalough.

  • Photo of LuisRocha

    LuisRocha Jun 17, 2016

    Uma etapa algo exigente mas as paisagens são compensadoras. Muito bom!

  • PicosAlpinos Jun 17, 2016

    Obrigado pela partilha!

  • Marcia Madeira Jun 20, 2016

    paisagens fantasticas

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