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near Jiang’an Qu, Hubei (China)

Not a GPS recording. Drawn manually on a satellite map. I walked this on 2018-03-19. This is part of a walk from Wuhan(A) to Kaifeng(Y) and the Yellow River(Z). Search Wikiloc for "18Xina" and "19Xina" (etc.?) for my China walks.

Overview "18Xina 4-week walk Yangtze to Yellow 武汉开封", Wikiloc ID = 39405196
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I took photos with my mobile phone, but due to technical weakness of that old device, I couldn't use GPS on my 2018 walk.
Info from photo time stamps (and my personal memory of locations): 07h05 (2.2km) leave planned route, because road straight ahead shut with high fence/wall (subway line construction?); 07h10(2.6km) Buffalo statue at south end of Yihe Rd; 07h30(4.3km) back on planned route; 08h00(6.5km) market on industrial ground; 08h10(7.0km) subway station "Xinpong Long Distance Bus Station"; 08h20 small basic 宾馆 hotel on the left; 08h25 breakfast at pancake stand; 8h55(10km) cross river, new bridge being constructed next to old one; 9h07 宾馆 hotel; 9h17(12km) white pole with letters 燃气管道 reminded me of "Nature foot-way" hiking signs in Japan, but just means "Natural Gas Pipe-way"; 09h30 Hyattin Hotel"; 10h15...10h30...(14.7km) yet another complex of buildings in this strangely outfashioned commerce area (not a shopping mall). Small wholesay shops in the ground flor driveways, empty stores upstairs. Brunch (noodles) in the building's central drive (perpendicular to the road), toilet upstairs. 10h45 públic toilet building with little clock-tower; 10h50(16.9km) under railway bridge;11h00(17.2km) driving school parcours; 11h10(18km...34km) quiet road on enbankment - I follow it until Huangpi - to my right is the river and occasionally some wàter buffaloes on the meadows. 11h50 new river bridge under construction; 15h15 (had some pause on the way) another river bridge under construction where the city beguins; bus stop; 15h20(34.1km) branch down left, then follow left turn; 15h25(34.6km) right into Danan St (N); 16h05-16h10 snack, bubble pancake made in pan with hot stones; 18h10(36.3km) photo inside hotel.


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