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Uploaded December 27, 2016

Recorded September 2016

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near Mladá Boleslav, Central Bohemia (Czechia)

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Departure from Mlada Boleslav through the industrial zone of the Skoda factories, which mark the first kilometers of the stage.

Shortly after passing the town of Cejeticky, still in the outskirts of Mlada Boleslav, this environment is left and we return to the paths along the river, just as the previous day, and that will accompany us throughout this stage and almost to Prague

Up to Krnsko, we walk between the river and the train tracks in a quiet environment. In Krnsko, at the point indicated by waypoint 144 there is a shop where you can buy supplies. On the right we leave the highway, a large bridge and also some beautiful houses.

After Krnsko, we enter a path that runs for 2/3 kms through a large cultivation field until we reach the town of Brodce nad Jizerou, waypoint 145 and 146, where there is a shop and restaurant.

In the field of cultivation at some point I had to leave the road because it does not pass through this town. It touches rectify but neither much, even I recommend to deviate especially if it is necessary to buy provisions or it is the hour of the food in restaurant. The rectification is done by road, diverting to the right and looking for the river again. In no more than 1 km I am again on the official track, in the vicinity of Horky nad Jizerou.

Walking again next to the river and after crossing the town of Grazice (without services), we reach the end of the stage, Benatky nad Jizerou, large town where there are all services.

The center of Benatky nad Jizerou is on top of a hill. I went up to visit it and then I went down again to the point marked with waypoint 147, which is the bus stop for Prague, which is where the track ends

That night I already slept in Prague and, the next day, again the bus to Benatky to continue the road.


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