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near Stecoah, North Carolina (United States)

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Stage 15

⇐ Link to the previous stage: 14 - APPALACHIAN TRAIL - NORTH CAROLINA - Section 5. From Nantahala River, Wesser, to Cheoah Bald and Stecoah Gap, route US-143
⇒ Link to the next stage: 16 - APPALACHIAN TRAIL - NORTH CAROLINA - Section 2.4 - Great Smoky Mountains - From Fontana Dam to Mollies Ridge Shelter

Tour of the Appalachian Trail, passing through the state of North Carolina (United States), in a south-north direction, in the area occupied by the Cheoah Mountains and Yellow Creek Mountains, which corresponds with sections 4 and 3 of the official trail in the states of Georgia and North Carolina.

The stage begins at the intersection of the trail with Route 143 (Sweetwater Road), at Stecoah Gap, and ends at Fontana Dam, a hydroelectric dam built on the Little Tennessee River, just at the point from which the Great Smoky Mountains begin. National Park.

In its main section, it is a stage of transition, farewell to the immense Nantahala National Forest, without important peaks, and with a path that runs at an approximate altitude of 3,500 feet, with continuous ascents and descents of small hills. Already in the final part of the route, the path descends quickly, until an altitude below the 2,000 feet, in the valley that crosses the Little Tennessee River, in which is the Fontana Dam hydroelectric plant, of the TVA (Tennessee Valley Authority), which is the tallest dam in the entire eastern United States, built at the end of World War II.

From the point of view of the landscape, the highlight of this tour are precisely the spectacular views offered by the Fontana Lake, large reservoir embedded in the valley that separates the Nantahala National Forest and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

On the south shore of this lake or reservoir, is the popular Fontana Hilton Shelter, which happens to be the best conditioned shelter of the entire Appalachian Trail, with capacity for 24 occupants, solar panel for recharging mobile phone batteries, services, running water, easy access and excellent views.

At just over 3 km., To the west, is Fontana Village, a large tourist complex that offers accommodation in houses and pavilions with a rustic decor and that has a small shopping center, cafeteria, laundry and post office. In this same resort you can process, through internet, the necessary permits to transit and use the shelters of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

On the other hand, on the trail itself, shortly before crossing the dam, there is a visitor center (Visitors Center), which has a large parking lot, and in addition to offering tourist information of the entire area, supports walkers They follow the Appalachian Trail, with toilets and showers.
Stecoah Gap. Intersection of the path with the US-143 route. Start of the stage
Vista del valle de Stecoah, y sendero
Fuerte subida
Desvío a Brown Fork Gap Shelter
Cima y vistas
Bajada entre rododendros
Hogback Gap. Para una breve parada
Ladera pedregosa y musgo
Cody Gap
Sendero y ladera
Pequeño torrente estacional
Estacionamiento y cruce
Cable Gap Shelter
Vistas y sendero
Small summit, path, and between the trees and still distant, views of the Fontana Lake
Cima de pequeña colina, y vistas
Cima rocosa. A la distancia y entre los árboles, Fontana Dam
Walker Gap
Dam of Fontana Dam. In the background, the first ridges of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park
Intersection of the AT with route 28. Parking and area known as Marina
Fontana Hilton Shelter, located on the edge of Lake Fontana, with capacity for 24 people.
Centro de visitantes de Fontana Dam
Fontana Dam. Presa hidroeléctrica sobre el Little Tennessee River
Fin de la etapa. Inicio del Great Smoky Mountains National Park


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    rutadura Apr 5, 2016

    Que maravilla de recorrido el que estas realizando, un disfrute total con unas fotos que me encantan, a seguir ....

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    Pablo de Gárate Apr 5, 2016

    Muchas gracias por tu apoyo y tu ánimo. Ciertamente, el sendero de los Apalaches es una maravilla para cualquier senderista. Confío en poder seguirlo en su totalidad.

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