Time  3 hours 37 minutes

Coordinates 741

Uploaded January 30, 2018

Recorded October 2017

16,094 f
14,229 f
5.1 mi

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near Lobujya, Eastern Region (Nepal)

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Today we have the stage of the third high pass of the trekking, Kongma La Pass 5535m, but a rockfall in the previous days, precisely in the area of ​​the high pass, makes it unwise to make the passage there, so we all go to Chukkung for an easier way.
Since Esther is having a bad time in the last few days, she and I will stay in Dingboche, so for us the journey will be even shorter.
Being modified by detachment, the route itself is perhaps the toughest trekking to be very simple and with little unevenness.
We start from Lobuche and continue parallel to the Khumbu glacier, in direction S, when we are right at the end of the glacier, we cross the incipient river and barely gain altitude, we are passing through Thokla Pass 4830m, a hill where there is a simple stupa and number of other minors as a tribute to the many people who lost their lives in these mountains. After a long stop in the place, we continue on our way, now comes a strong descent to Thukla, a small town with a single log, which we cross without stopping, we immediately enter a torrent that to cross, we have to go back and gain a few meters of height by the margin in which we are, until reaching a good bridge of metallic structure, we are crossing what will be the beginning of the river that is born from the Khumbu glacier. On the other slope, the road soon reaches a crossroads where on the right you can descend through the valley to go down to Pheriche and down the valley towards Pangboche and Namche and to the left that will be our case, we will continue on the slope without hardly losing height, maintaining the SE direction.
For a long time, on this journey we will go with the spectacular summits of Tabuche and Cholatse on our right. We passed through Dusa 4530m a great flock of which there are hardly any cabins standing. At the end of this long crossing on the slope, we have a small pass, after which we can already see Dingboche, to which we descend in a few more minutes.
The companions would continue to Chukkung, while Esther and I stayed overnight in this town, with the impressive image of Ama Dablam, right in front of our log.

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Monchu x Mountain

Start Time: 10/27/2017 08:00

End Time: 10/27/2017 11:37

Distance covered: 8.2 km (03:37)

Moving time: 02:32

Average speed: 2,27 km / h

Vel. in Mov .: 3.22 km / h

Maximum speed: 11.57km / h

Minimum Height: 4336 m

Maximum Height: 4905 m

Ascent Speed: 61.5 m / h

Descent Speed: -271.2 m / h

Altitude Gain: 43 m

Altitude loss: -604 m

Ascent Time: 00:42

Descending Time: 02:13


1-Inicio Lobuche


2-Thok La Pass





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Name: Segment 1

Start Time: 10/27/2017 08:00

End Time: 10/27/2017 11:37

Distance traveled: 8.2km (03:37)

Moving time: 02:31

Average speed: 2,27km / h

Vel. in Mov .: 3.22km / h

Maximum speed: 11.57km / h

Minimum Height: 4336m

Maximum Height: 4905m

Ascent Speed: 61.5m / h

Descent Speed: -271.2m / h

Altitude gain: 43m

Altitude loss: -604m

Ascent Time: 00:42

Descending Time: 02:13


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