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near Arden, New York (United States)

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Stage 112

Stage or section 12.1 of the Appalachian Trail, as it passes through the State of New York, travel from north to south, from mile AT-1.373.8, to AT-1383.7. Measured from Springer Mt., Georgia.
We travel with a group of mountaineers from the Appalachian Mountain Club, led by Frank Zarb.

At this stage, the AT traverses three small mountains: Arden Mountain, Buchanan Mountain and Mombasha High Point, and goes a short way into Bellvale Mountain, all through the northern section of the Sterling Forest, which occupies about 20,000 acres, and which includes the sites of old iron mines of the Sterling Furnace, very active during the so-called Revolutionary War.

The stage starts at the place known as Elk Pen, next to the NY-17 Arden Valley Road, Southfields, NY, and after crossing the highway by a flyover, goes to the well-known Agony Grind, in the Arden Mountain.

The Agony Grind is the name given to the steep and rocky climb towards Arden Mountain. The journey is short, and without technical difficulties of any kind, but quite hard, especially when a considerable weight is carried on the back.

At the top of the Arden Mountain we will find two points with beautiful panoramic views to the east and the west, to descend shortly afterwards towards the Orange Turnpike.

Although, this stage as a whole, does not present a very mountainous relief, with important ups and downs, the reality is that there are numerous steep slopes, with little difficulty, but after a day they end up adding fatigue.

Shortly after crossing the Orange Turnpike, the path runs along the beautiful shores of Little Dam Lake, which at this time sports a colorful autumnal color.

After crossing the East Mombasha Road, we will begin the ascent to Buchanan Mountain, which will also offer us two spectacular lookouts, and some other difficult descent.

Once you cross West Mombasha Road, the trail climbs again to the summit of Mombasha High Point, the highest point of the route (1,280 feet), with views to the south: Indian Kill Reservoir and Sterling Forest State Park, although the views of the Mombasha Lake are very small, due to the vegetation. From this point, on clear days you can see in the distance, on the horizon, the profile of the city of New York.

On the descent of the Mombasha High Point, we will find a small waterfall (Fitzgerald Falls), whose base is reached after a steep and rocky descent.

The rest of the stage runs without relevant places, ascending to the ridge of Bellvale Mountain, which we will continue for several miles in the next stage.

The night was spent at the Wildcat Shelter shelter. A very cold night, with temperatures below 0º C.

The difficulty of the whole of the stage can be considered ¨moderate¨, especially due to the continuous ups and downs of the route, and the rock steps that we find in the route, although with snow or ice, the difficulty can be notoriously greater.
Parking of the AT in Elk Pen, meeting point for many of the tours of the trails in the area
Agony Grind
Vista panorámica desde la cima de Arden Mountain
Otra vista panorámica desde Arden Mountain
Cruce del Appalachian Trail con la Orange Turnpike
Little Dam Lake
Paso de piedras de un pequeño arroyo
Cruce del Appalachian Trail con East Mombasha Road
Vista panorámica desde Buchanan Mountain
Paso muy empinado
Otra vista panorámica desde Buchanan Mountain
Cruce del Appalachian Trail con la West Mombasha Road
Mombasha High Point
Bajada rocosa y cascada. Fitzgerald Falls
Cruce del Appalachian Trail con Lakes Road
Wildcat Shelter. Refugio y zona de acampada


  • Photo of Gerardo Izco

    Gerardo Izco Mar 1, 2016

    Muy buenos todos los treks que he visto!, si algunas cosas salen bien tengo planes de ir a NY y tengo que si o si hacer algo de montaña por aquellos lugares, felicitaciones por los relatos!!, gracias por compartir!!

  • Photo of Pablo de Gárate

    Pablo de Gárate Mar 1, 2016

    Muchas gracias, Gerardo.
    Si vienes por NY, será un placer recomendarte alguna ruta, o compartir contigo alguna de estas marchas por el sendero de los Apalaches.
    Un gran abrazo.

  • Photo of Gerardo Izco

    Gerardo Izco Mar 3, 2016

    gracias Pablo no voy a dudar de verte en caso de ir a NY, estoy en FB como https://www.facebook.com/gerardo.izco tambien compartiremos algunas montañas si vienes a Mendoza tierra del Aconcagua sera un gusto, abrazo!

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