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near Alpha, Pennsylvania (United States)

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Stage 104

Section or stage 1 of the Appalachian Trail, passing through the state of Pennsylvania, from south to north. From Wind Gap to Delaware Water Gap. The route begins at mile AT 1277.8 and ends at AT 1293.4, measured from Springer, Georgia.
This section of the Appalachian Trail in Pennsylvania features views of Wolf Rocks, Nelson Vista, Lunch Rocks, Lake Lenape, Council Rock and Mount Minsi.
A sectional section is the Kirkridge Shelter, built in 1948, with a capacity of eight hikers.
This section begins in the AT parking area in Wind Gap, near the PA bridge 33. The GPS coordinates for the parking area are N40 51,645 W75 17,554.
The AT leaves the parking area and begins the ascent to the Wind Gap mountain.
At 7.0 miles you reach the Wolf Rocks (1,620 feet), with beautiful views to the north of the Pocono Plateau. For those wishing to avoid passing through Wolf Rocks, there is a deviation a little earlier, which leads back to the AT, by way of bypass, through the lower part of the rocky ledge. The signage is confusing, since the signs do not clarify if the by-pass is to avoid Wolf Rocks, or to pass through this place.
After Wolf Rocks, the road descends a rocky slope and turns right 7.2 miles on an old forest road flanked by stone walls.
At 7.7 miles the path turns left, leaving the forest road.
At 8.6 miles the trail crosses PA 191, at Fox Gap (1,400 feet). There is a small parking area at this road junction. The GPS coordinates for the parking area are N40 56.127 W75 11.822.
At 9.2 miles you reach the indicated detour with blue markers, towards the Kirkridge Shelter, which is about 200 meters from the road. Shortly after the refuge, at 9.4 miles, you arrive at Nelson Vista, with spectacular views to the south.
At 10.0 miles the trail reaches Lunch Rocks, located just 50 feet off the track, on the right. At 10.9 miles the trail crosses below the power lines. After a fairly rocky descent you will arrive at Tott's Gap. At 11.6 miles the trail turns right onto a dirt road. At 13.0 miles a side path to the right leads, at 100 feet, to a beautiful view that dominates the Delaware River valley.
At 13.1 miles the trail reaches the summit of 1,461 thousand feet of Mount Minsi.
At 13.4 miles there is another spectacular view of the Delaware Water Gap, Mount Tammany, in New Jersey, and surroundings. At 13.9 miles there is a view north of Big Pocono and the Pocono Plateau.
At 14.1 miles there is a side path on the right that leads to the Rock Lookout with views of the Delaware River and Delaware Water Gap.
At 14.3 miles it crosses the Eureka Creek.
At 14.9 miles the trail reaches Council Rock, and continues to descend.
15.2 miles to Lake Lenape with benches and picnic tables.
At 15.4 miles the trail reaches the Delaware Water Gap parking area for the Appalachian Trail. The GPS coordinates of this parking area are N40 58,788 W75 08,518.
Estacionamiento del AT en Wind Gap
Sendero muy pedregoso
Siguen las piedras
Zona rocosa
Wolf Rocks
Senda ancha y sin rocas
Fox Gap parking
Kirkridge Shelter
Nelson Vista
Lunch Rocks
Totts Gap
Vista despues de la torre
Camino hacia el Mt Minsi
Mount Minsi
La otra vista
Magnifica vista del rio Delaware y del Delaware Water Gap
Lake Lenape, llegando a Delaware Water Gap


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