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near Dieppe, New Brunswick (Canada)

Riverfront Trail
No 04-0376-01

Trail Status Operational trail
Province New Brunswick
Length 19.76 km
Trail Type Gravel Trail (double track)
Trail Category Greenway Trail
Activities - Walking / Hiking - Cycling
Pavilions - Moncton-Dieppe
Comments See other sections for Riverfront Trail (total length is 19.76 km).

Date registered 1997-09-10

from http://www.tctrail.ca/tlocator/tlocator_en.html


Riverfront Park

Riverfront Park offers five kilometres of multi-use trails along the Petitcodiac River. Twinned tailings offer both paved paths, ideal for wheelchairs, bicycles, and inline skates, and a softer dirt surface for walkers and runners. The park offers visitors beautiful floral displays, benches, and monuments, as well as convenient links to the downtown. This trail comprises the Moncton section of the TransCanada Trail, and it connects the riverfront trail system in the neighbouring communities of Riverview and Dieppe. Other points of interest include Bore View Park, Settlers Green, the Skateboard Park, Hal Betts Commemorative Sportsplex, and the Treitz Haus. Portions of the trail are cleared for winter running.

Riverfront Park is one of the most relaxing areas in town, a great place to take a stroll alongside the Petitcodiac River as you watch the tides roll in and out to sea again!

Map of Riverfront Park
For more information, contact Parks & Leisure Services at 853-3516.

from http://www.moncton.ca/Residents/Recreation_Parks_and_Culture/Parks/Riverfront_Park.htm

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