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near St. Martins, New Brunswick (Canada)

Fundy Trail (Shore Section)
No 04-0153-01

Trail Status Complete trail
Province New Brunswick
Length 9.7 km
Trail Type Gravel Trail (double track)
Trail Category Greenway Trail
Activities - Walking / Hiking - Cycling - Cross-country skiing
Pavilions No
Comments See other sections for Fundy Trail (total length is 10.11 km).

Date registered 1997-09-10

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The Fundy Trail

Distance: 16 km


Difficulty: Medium
Location: Fundy, NB
The Fundy Trail

The Fundy Trail opens up previously unreachable areas of the Bay of Fundy coastline and panoramic views. The 16km (10 miles) trail begins just outside St. Martins, New Brunswick and is less than an hour’s drive from Saint John or Sussex on Route 111.
Hike, Bike, Drive or Ski the Fundy Trail

Visitors can hike, bicycle, cross-country ski or drive the Fundy Trail, depending on the season.
The pedestrian and bicycle trails connect to paths and stairways, across a suspension footbridge, past waterfalls towering 250 m above pristine beaches.

Many of the lookouts and observation decks along the low-speed auto route are wheelchair friendly, and all offer spectacular views.
Dogs on leashes are welcome on our trails. Bring them into the Interpretive Centre at Big Salmon River for a special treat.

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