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I want to download the following track:

If I go to the wikiloc page without logging in, I can see the track. If I log in with my user name and password then I can not reach the page? It says "Page not found". Once logged in there is no way to find it on the web.

Is it a non-downloable track?


Trails from jberingues
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Hi, there aren't non-downloadable tracks on Wikiloc. The tracks are either public or private. A public track can be seen and downloaded while a private one can't be neither be viewed or downloaded. I can't reach this track myself, so I guess that it was once public and now the owner has changed it to private.


Trails from edumartinell
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Hi Edu,
but I can see it but I can not download it. Try to log out of wikiloc and then follow the link I bet you can see the track. Then log in to wikiloc and follow the same link, it does not exist.

Trails from jberingues
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You're both right but what happens is that a private track disappears from all pages within wikiloc, lists, map and so on but remains accessible from external websites, blogs, embedded maps etc.. that have its link shown. If you know the link, you can reach the page, but never from within We had to do this after author's requests for example when the author has a website where he shows embedded maps of his trails (like the author of the trail you point out). If we completely make the trail private, all this maps and links will be broken. That way not-logged-in-wikiloc users visiting his website/blog can still view the trail map embedded. Is up to him to decide to remove it from his website, blog and then it'll be unlikely that somebody discovers the correct link.

Phew... it's complicated :) but hope to have clarified a bit the issue.

Trails from Jordi
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It's clear, thanks.


Trails from jberingues
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