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The internal GPS in my Nokia N95 8GB can take some time to get an accutate 'Fix' (The GPS antenna is housed within the numeric keypad, so the screen must be slid up during use. It took a while to pinpoint my location – often over five minutes). An apporoximate Fix, using Assisted-GPS from Cell Sites, is much quicker, but is rather innacurate, perhaps by as as much as 1Km or so, as you experienced.

Once the GPS has locked on to enough Satellites with adequate Signal Strength, it is accurate to about 3M (depending on Number of Satellites and Strength of Signal)

I often use an external Bluetooth GPS logger (Wintek WBT-201 G Rays2), rather than having my Nokia N95 8GB, exposed to the elements (hot sun, and vibration and rain on the Motorbike, potentially as well)

I have Garmin Mobile XT application on my Nokia N95 8GB and have become a 'Contributor' of and have V1.21 map installed.

Wintek WBT-201 G Rays2
GPS Specification: 1. Chipset : Atmel-uBlox ATR 0625

2. Channel : 16 Channel parallel satellite tracking

3. Time to First Fix (TTFF) : < Average 3.5/34 sec. (Hot/Cold start)

4. Antenna : Built-in active antenna

5. Output Message : NMEA 0183 (GPRMC, GPGGA, GPGSA, GPGSV)

6. Accuracy : < 2.5m CEP (Stand-Alone, S/A off)

7. Sensitivity: -158dBm tracking, -142dBm acquisition

8. Battery Life : 12hrs with Bluetooth; 15hrs w/o Bluetooth

9. Dimension : 60 x 38 x 16 mm (W x L x H).

Key Features:

1. Users can output NMEA data by either USB and Bluetooth interface or each of them for navigation software.

2. Built-in memory for self-logging.

3. Max. over 130000 way-point of logging

4. Multiple recording modes for option

5. Support Push-to-log and manually section the tracks integrated with photos or special marks.

6. Battery power stays up to over 12 hours in operation.

7. Auto power saving mode available.

8. Provide password setting to secure the privacy.

9. PC Programming software provided freely (Time machine X) Log data is retrievable and read by software.

This WBT201 is also much quicker to Sychronise, than the Internal GPS on my Nokia also. The Bluetooth GPS Logger, is good for up to 10M from receiver, so the phone can be anywhere in the car, or safe in a pocket or in a belt holster, when used on my motorbike.

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I bought my WBT-201 from Semsons

Wintec WBT-201 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS Receiver
(Auto on/off, WAAS, Bluetooth, USB, Push to Log)

Data Logger
WBT-201 can record up to 131,072 waypoints. The data string includes timing, latitude, and longitude. altitude. The recorded track can be downloaded by Bluetooth or mini-USB and uploaded to Google Earth with bundled utility for viewing and analysis. In addition, the new TimeMachine X software can now combine photos into Google Earth.

Google Earth now offers direct support for WBT-201 (along with Garmin and Magellan), as does GPSBabel.

Regular price: $99.99
Sale price: $94.85

Semsons offer good Support - I got Free Holder and recently (3 years later), the Battery cover fell off and I lost it. They contacted 'Wintec' in Taiwan, and are getting me a replacement (Free) from Wintec.

Many Bluetooth GPS units to select from, at much lower price if you don't require Data Logging, but I like the WBT-201 as its 'native' GPS format is supported (GPS-Babel / Google Earth), so not limited to using the supplied Software (TimeMachineX) to extract the GPS Logs.

The WBT-201 is replaced by Wintec, with introduction of upraded product

Wintec WBT-202 Bluetooth Data Logger GPS Receiver (u-blox5, microSD Slot w/ 1GB MicroSD, Motion sensor)

Sale Price $119.99 from Semsons,

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