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I am not sure there is a universally agreed purpose of wikiloc.

I personally think the purpose is to share with the public suggestions for worthwhile trails or undertaking - basically replacing the good old guidebooks for which we used to shell out a lot of money, and which often were not so useful after all. Of course, to make it really useful tool, it would be good if users could enrich their uploads with a short trail description, any features that make it worth going there, and perhaps some photographs.

This is particularly important for countries such as Albania, where I currently live. Albania needs promotion of responsible tourism and outdoor activity. There are virtually no guidebooks. I strongly believe that Wikiloc can change this, and that Wikiloc can create communities of people interested in sports and outdoors.

I have noted that there are users who upload their trails on top of other existing ones, without in fact providing more info. I understand the intent of those users who want to create a permanent record of their achievement, but perhaps in this case their upload could simply be marked "private", so as not to clutter the screen. Similarly, there are users who simply create a log of their daily activity (similar to "travelled by motorcycle from Stuttgat to Muenchen"), without however providing much useful information in the sense I have discussed above. Of course, it is not desirable to simply offload your GPS into the net.

Perhaps some very basic guidelines/rules/recommendations could be prepared when inviting users to upload their trails?

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We, at Wikiloc, definitely agree with your vision of the purpose of our site. Sharing each other's outdoor activities is the real goal of Wikiloc. And making them easy to find and filter is crucial. But we don't want to force people to upload only what we think they should be uploading. We'd like to keep it as 'free' as possible. And though some guidelines of use is something we should write and publish (enphasizing the 'private' feature), the real trick to keep Wikiloc useful is to rank trails based on their quality. So, the better the description, the more pictures it has, the better the track information and waypoints it has, the higher it will show up on searches. And right the contrary for not-that-useful trails people upload. This is actually the way it works, but as more and more users join wikiloc this will have to be improved. This is really a key subject for us and we definitely have it in mind.

Thanks for the feedback!!

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