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This feature was suggested as early as 2011. Still not implemented?!

Even the ability to display a user's own trails on a map of the size of say 200m² (a radius around the home town of a user where a user spends typically >2/3 of his hikes/wals/tours) would be really helpful: it would allow a user to see if he already did a hike in a particular area, eg years ago. Yesterday once again i ended up doing a tour in an area I had already hiked years ago, just to see the same things. A glance at all my hikes would immediately have shown that I was there already so I could have avoided doing the same tour again.

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before google earth connected to wikiloc and you can see every near tracks in the site of google earth after two weeks and we did a lot ( untile 2017) but not now, so it should be wikiloc reconnected to google earth and every recorded wikiloc track should remain there to see, that i don't hope. however if your last tracks remain before 2018 you maybe see they in google earth if you activated google earth terrain icon inside layers.

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