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I've got an iMac computer with the Snow Leopard operating system. I download a route but when I open it my computer uses Final Cut Express 4 which is a video editing application. As a result there's no sign of it. I've tried with other apps but without success. Any advice would be appreciated.

By the way I've got a Satmap Active 10. I take it the routes should automatically transfer onto it via my usb, shouldn't they? Bit of a novice at this :D


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I'm not a Mac expert, but it's clear you've got the wrong application associated with GPX and/or KML file extensions. You'll need to fond out how to change file extensions on Snow Leopard or alternatively save the tracks on your HD and open them using the appropiate application.

As par the Satmap, you will have to download tracks and save them on your drive previous to copyig them to the gps, as the automatic plugin will just work for Garmin gps

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You can use Garmin BaseCamp or Garmin RoadTrip to open downloaded routes (use gpx format). Both are available for free from Garmins web site. BaseCamp is also available via the App Store. But I don't believe, that you can use these tools to upload the tracks to a non Garmin device.
I don't know Satmap, but did just a search in Google and found that there should be a software named SatSync for MAC - may be you can use that to transfer the routes...
Regard Andre

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Thanks for your advice guys. I'm gonna investigate the SatSYN and see if that works.

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