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you are right.

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Search by Passing Area from the Web(Search by Map,) is a very good idea & functioning well (only in desktop view not in mobile view) But
Search for trails from the Website (trail finderĀ )fails, I think this function is downgraded not updated.
Please roll back previous version. it was functioning. Thanks

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I'm another one of the people who think the old search was perfect and that the new one is worse in every way.

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Hi everyone,

From the Wikiloc team we want to sincerely thank those of you who have made us see in this and other threads that the new changes in the search in some aspects were not as good as we thought. I would also like to say that whenever we make a change we do it with the best intention and convinced that it is an improvement for everyone. In this case you have made it very clear that we had to rethink quite a few aspects and we are already doing so.

We have been reviewing this and other related threads along with direct emails that you have sent us and collected all the feedback that we share below, along with actions that we have done or are going to do shortly:

Free search by text instead of by place.
What you have most agreed that we should put back. Done, now when typing a search, if you hit "Search trails with text ..", it behaves the same as the old search without a map. By the way, if you do not want to see the map you can click on "Show map" (top right of the map).

Open routes in new browser window / tab. Done. If you right-click on the title of a trail (or CTRL + click) the detail of that trail will open on a new screen.

The ordering of results. The free text search now behaves the same as the old one and now no longer acts on the map area but throughout the whole world. The results in this case (text search) are the same and in the same order.

Path title too large and not fully read. Totally agree. We are working on it and we will make most or all of the title readable.

Author's name cut off. We are reviewing it, the name of each author will appear 100% uncut.

TrailRank does not appear.
We are seeing how and if we can show it in the results list.

Search by author. Improved. We put it at the bottom of all the pages but you have made it clear that it is not visible. It's back on top of the search. If we go by the footer we will go to the ranking of all the members of the community. If we go through the search engine above looking for a person's name, we will see the list of people with the same or similar name.

Searches in other countries does not return the results from before. Now it should work as before, if you are in the United States and you are looking for "Camino de Santiago" all the routes in Spain will appear.

The map should be bigger. This we have realized that it happens in a specific screen resolution greater than 1024 pixels. We will correct it and in that particular case the map will look bigger.

Pending questions that would be good for us to clarify:

- It should now work fine on iPad and mobile without crashing.
- Pifos and other companions did not see the search by passing area buttons. Can you please check it now?

So thank you all. Your help and attention, including or not constructive criticism, have helped us to realize and set ourselves to improve the shortcomings that we had overlooked.

If you do not agree on something specific about what I say above or other aspects, please tell us in this thread for all of us to see it or if you want in private directly at

Thanks once again.

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