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near Kā̃ḍhāghāri̇̄, Province 3 (Nepal)

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Three Steps Everest Trek (17 days)
Kathmandu Airport - Lukla (Heliport)

November 17, 2019.

After more than 11 hours of flight from Madrid , with a stopover in Doha (Qatar) , we finally arrived in Kathmandu , capital of Nepal.

To pass the airport control, we had to queue several times, and wait more than 1 hour. It made us a bit tiresome due to the lack of information, but with a little patience we finally managed to get through.
Santo was waiting for us outside, our link in the Nepalese company with which we had contracted the Trekking from Madrid.
The feeling I had when I left Kathmandu Airport was very special; It seemed like a dream come true.
I was in the country where there are 8 of the 14 highest mountains on earth, and we were preparing to overcome one of the best trekking that can be done in the Himalayas : the Three Steps of Everest , where we will see 5 eight thousand .
He had read so many Himalayan and Kathmandu mountain books that it seemed he had already been there.
They took us by car to the hotel in the Thamel neighborhood , in the very center of the city, where all the tourists stay, especially mountaineers. Here you will find most of the hotels and restaurants in the city. In addition, practically all the shops are stores specialized in mountain equipment.
Traffic in this city is a real chaos, but within its chaos, with the help of the horn, they warn of their movements and everyone circulates.

When we arrived at the hotel, we toasted with an Everest beer for what would be an unforgettable trip.

Then we changed currency into rupees for the trek, had dinner and went to sleep, since at 5:00 in the morning they came to pick us up to go back to the airport and fly to Lukla .
At the beginning we had hired the flight by plane, but due to works at the Kathmandu airport, a large part of the air traffic was diverted from Lukla to the city of Ramechhap, so we looked for the alternative of the helicopter.
The flight was a bit more expensive, but we avoided the hard 5-hour drive on rough roads and heavy traffic.
The helicopter ride takes about 45 minutes.
It was a first for everyone, and an unforgettable experience.
The feeling of crossing Kathmandu to the east, and going through that beautiful landscape until reaching Lukla, located in the middle of the mountainside, was incredible.

We were even more shocked to see the famous runway at Tenzing-Hillary Airport .
They say it has the terrible privilege of being the most dangerous airport in the world.
We did the return by plane and it was very exciting.
We landed at the heliport (An open field) that was to the left of the runway. We were surprised by the constant flow of helicopters bringing people and material.
After unloading the bags, we were taken to the Khumbu Lodge where we were introduced to the Sherpas who would help us with the luggage transport.
A black tea and we set off.


You will be able to see the different stages of the route, with a small description, with the best photos and videos that we have been able to take during the entire route.
Except for some section of the passes of the hills and glaciers, the rest is very well signposted.

The truth is that living an experience for 17 days in the middle of the Himalayas is the most that any mountain fan can ask for.

And of course, all thanks to the help of our good Nepalese friends.

Continue: Stage 1 - Lukla - Tok Tok
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Aeropuerto Katmandú ( Madrid - Doha - Katmandú )

Aeropuerto Katmandú
Information point

Helipuerto Lukla

Helipuerto Lukla

Vistas desde helicoptero Katmandú

Vistas desde helicoptero Katmandú

Pista Aeropuerto


Primeras vistas de Himalaya

Primeras vistas de Himalaya

Rio Sun Kosi

Rio Sun Kosi

Vista aerea de Lukla y su pista de aterrizaje.

Vista aerea de Lukla y su pista de aterrizaje.


  • Photo of Pikkard

    Pikkard Jan 23, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Como bien dices Juan, prolegómenos de un viaje sencillamente único.

  • Photo of chasquera

    chasquera Jan 23, 2020

    Como mola ,menudo paseito en helicóptero.
    Saludo compis.

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Jan 23, 2020

    Es el comienzo antes del Trekking y tenía que documentarlo.
    Por falta de tiempo, ire subiendo las etapas una a una.
    Gracias a los dos.

  • Photo of Carlos Las Solanas

    Carlos Las Solanas Jan 24, 2020

    Un sueño hubiera sido también para mi, haber podido acompañaros.
    Un privilegio gozar de vuestra maravillosa información y felicitaros por esta estupenda experiencia que habéis vivido.
    El nerviosismo y la emoción son normales ante tanta belleza, sobre todo los que amamos la montaña.
    Un lugar, el Himalaya, seguro dificil de olvidar.
    Nuevamente os felicito y te agradezco que nos muestres todas las etapas de la ruta.
    Un placer que lo compartáis con todos.
    Un fuerte abrazo compañeros.
    Nos vemos pronto.

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Jan 24, 2020

    Pues ya sabes, es cuestión de proponérselo.
    Es un viaje que merece la pena.
    Gracias Carlos.
    Un abrazo,

  • Photo of esanmore

    esanmore Jan 25, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Que gran viaje y que recuerdos cada vez que veo las fotos. Un abrazo

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Jan 25, 2020

    Cierto Eduardo.
    Es un recuerdo inolvidable.
    Un abrazo,

  • Photo of Alvaro M

    Alvaro M Feb 3, 2020

    Qué envidia me sigue dando. Iré siguiendo todas las entregas que vayas publicando.

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Feb 3, 2020

    Espero que te guste.
    Gracias Alvaro

  • Photo of phernigiménez

    phernigiménez Feb 17, 2020

    Muchas gracias por darnos a conocer y en cierta medida participar de esta magnifica aventura. Seguiré con especial interés todas las entregas y quien sabe si algún día.... Un saludo a todos los artífices de esta historia.

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Feb 17, 2020

    Te lo recomiendo.
    Es una experiencia que merece la pena vivirla.
    Iré subiendo las etapas poco a poco.
    Gracias por tu interés.
    Un saludo,

  • Photo of Ris Ris

    Ris Ris Feb 18, 2020

    I have followed this trail  View more

    Gracias, Juan, por dedicar tanto esfuerzo y tiempo para poder tener este extraordinario recuerdo en wikiloc de este maravilloso viaje que hicimos juntos y que, sinceramente, nunca pensé en realizar. Tras unos primeros días de adaptación a este nuevo entorno de alta montaña, hospedajes, comidas, cultura,... disfruté cada segundo y me integré totalmente en este especial rincón de la Tierra, que ya forma parte de mi libro de felicidad. Un abrazo¡

  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Feb 25, 2020

    Merece la pena este esfuerzo.
    Es un recuerdo para todos.
    Gracias Richard.

  • Photo of Estebe Apezetxe Murua

    Estebe Apezetxe Murua Dec 14, 2020


    Por cuanto sale ese helicoptero?


  • Photo of Juan Desnivel

    Juan Desnivel Dec 14, 2020

    Al presupuesto inicial en avioneta que sería de unos 250 € i/v, tuvimos que añadir 90 € por persona para el viaje de ida en helicóptero.
    Un saludo,

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