7,133 ft
2,165 ft
62.33 mi

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near les Escaldes, Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

Awesome track, you'll enjoy twisty roads (about 30% if not counting the streets of Andorra} as well as lots of terrain. The terrain is not hard at all, as you can see on my photos, I've done the track with Suzuki DR 350 S with street tires. It's up and down a lot and the views are just breathtaking. You'll very likely encounter lots of cows so pass them slowly and carefully. I've done the track on Wednesday afternoon/early evening and I've come across a few cars but there's usually plenty of room to pass when you're on a motorcycle. You'll pop out the forest about 20 kms away from Andorra so have your passport ready in case they wanted to see it on the borders. I've also went a little bit off the track sometimes. Either by mistake or I wanted to see another view of the mountains. Don't forget to close the gates behind you so the cattle won't run away.


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