7,188 ft
2,245 ft
82.2 mi

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near les Escaldes, Escaldes-Engordany (Andorra)

Some twisty roads, lots of terrain and a huge amount of views, little villages, horses and cows. I encountered a few cars on some parts of the trail. A few times I went off the trail a little bit by accident. 90% of the track is fairly easy, I've done it on Suzuki DR350 S with street tires, but! Around the middle of the track there's a footpath (around some bunker system) which isn't that easy because it's steep and rocky, and about at the 4/5 part of the trail there's a huge rocky downhill followed by a rivercrossing. The rivercrossing isn't anything scary but it's been raining everyday the past days, the water level was quite high and the way out of the river is full of rocks, tiny logs and mud. Which wasn't easy with the street tires but because I'm writing this, I can assure you I'm safe and sound back in Andorra de la Vella haha. I've been stopping all the time to take pictures and appreiciate the scenery. The trail is doable in about 5 hours I'd say. Depends on your pace.


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