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near Kalterherberg, Nordrhein-Westfalen (Deutschland)

This tour is recommended for E-MTBs. It might be possible to do it on a regular mountain bike, though the trail from the Olefdam to Wahlerscheidt (following our route) may be very exhausting without electric help.

Start at the 'Eifeldom' in Kalterherberg. We leave on some of the backroads that have no traffic whatsoever. Descend into the Perlbach valley. If your sole objective is to see a daffodil, you can as well stop here. The more adventurous continue straight across the bridge (called Unterer Steg) and climb the opposite side. If you do not have an e-MTB, you will wish you had one.

Follow the coordinates to the Wahlerscheidt info point. From here. descend to the Olef dam. At the Olef Weir is the first good rest stop. We now aimed for the Waldkapelle. If you wish to visit it, leave your bicycle at a little bridge and continue on foot. Return to your bike and continue on our trail. On top of the ridge is forest road that has asphalt. The ascent from the lake to the top of the ridge is moderate to difficult, with a lot of gravel, grass, and possibly mud. Once on top of the ridge continue up to the Bundesstraße. We decided to ride into Hollerath for a longer break and some refreshments. If you are pressed with time, you may cut this part short.

The Hollerather Knie is the main parking lot for the Daffodil show in this area. Descend into the Olef Valley.

The trail follows the Olef stream; most daffodils are on the stream's other bank. At some spots you may cross over (by foot) to have a closer look.

When in season, there will be more daffodils on your way later on. Continue to the Bridge across the Olef, that you already crossed earlier in the day. Shortly after, at the first hairpin turn of the forest road, continue straight on a disused forest track. The track will climb up to the height of Wahlerscheidt, so prepare yourself for exercise. The trail, while wide, is muddy, with ruts, and partly covered by grass, dead wood or rocks. With an e-mountainbike it is manageable; depending on the actual conditions and the season, you may have to push for a few meters. Bikes other than mountain bikes should return to Wahlerscheidt the way they came, starting at the hairpin turn.

Once you cross the asphalt road near Wahlerscheidt, you will be fine. From here, most of it is downhill, with a light gradient, on good roads or tracks. You pass the 'Grosser Stern', with a signpost of the Elsenborn military camp. At the bord, make sure the area is not closed for the day. Continue to the Jägersief stream. Here, again, the meadows are strewn with daffodils (when in season). Also without Daffodils, the area is very beautiful and a favorite of the local people.

From the Jägersief, follow our trail, crossing the Perlbach at the 'Oberer Steg', past Gut Heistert, and back to the center of Kalterherberg on some peripheral rural ways.

Arenbergische Waldkapelle

Picknickplatz Waldkapelle (Picknick)

Deck Heck

Deck Heck (Locality)

Großer Stern

Großer Stern (Attraction)

Gut Heistert


Hollerath (Café)


Hollerather Knie

Hollerather Knie (Ortsbezeichnung)

Jägersief Brücke


Kalterherberg 'Eifeldom'

St. Lambertus (Church, Place of Worship) 52156, Monschau, Städteregion Aachen, DEU

Kalterherberg Sportplatz


Narzissenwiesen Oleftal

Narzissenwiesen (Nature Reserve)

Oberer Steg

Picnic Place

Olef Brücke


Olef Wehr


Unterer Steg


Wahlerscheid Parkplatz

Wahlerscheid (Parken)


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